$6 million spent on pregnant garment workers

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Workers greet Prime Minister Hun Sen. KT/Ven Rathavong

The government, through the National Social Security Fund, spent more than $6 million on about 65,000 pregnant garment workers last year, Labour Minister Ith Samheng said yesterday.

Mr Samheng said a report has been prepared for Prime Minister Hun Sen to read, noting that in 2018, a total of 65,054 pregnant garment workers delivered 65,534 babies, including 470 twins and 15 triplets.

“I want to inform the Prime Minister that for the whole of 2018, $6.53 million were spent on pregnant garment workers,” Mr Samheng said, adding that the government provides a $100 bonus for every baby delivered by a garment worker.

He also noted that the government is prepared to spend $10 million per year to spend on pregnant garment workers.

Mr Samheng said most of the women gave birth in December, noting that so far this year, 3,881 mothers have delivered 3,913 babies.

NSSF president Oun Samvithya yesterday said the government is aiming to provide social protection policies and accommodate population growth in the Kingdom.

“It is clearly reflected in the highest attention given by the government under the wise leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen to increase welfare and the living standards of the Cambodian people,” Mr Samvithya said.

Last year, Mr Hun Sen estimated that by the middle of this year, the government would have spent millions of dollars supporting pregnant garment workers.

“When they are pregnant, they will get money from the government in three phases,” he said. “In the first phase they will get $10 at the start of pregnancy.”

“When the baby has been delivered, they will get $50,” Mr Hun Sen added. “They will then get another $10 in ten installments until the baby is two years old.”

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