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Are you in need of a mental and emotional support right now? More likely, you’ll go to YouTube or Google and search for write-ups or videos that you think will give you the help you need. But as you start scrolling down the website, you’ll find several possible answers – but all in English.

It’s somehow difficult for you to process the information you’re being presented, especially at a time when you’re not psychologically and emotionally okay. Instead of getting relieved, you’ll probably end up getting more frustrated and pained.

This is why SuccessCo app was made. This mobile application was developed to serve its users and members by providing motivation through online seminars and personal development activities. All of the contents in the app were created by Mr Sim Dara, a Cambodian motivational speaker, coach and mentor.

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The mobile app gives its members a chance to continue learning and developing themselves through online coaching programmes and other downloadable materials.

All of the contents are written and spoken in Khmer, so it would be easier for you to grasp every word and be inspired after.

You are destined to be healthy – physically, mentally and emotionally. But there will always be times when internal and external factors disrupt your balance. This is why SuccessCo app is here.

If you’re in need of help or of guidance on how to go on with life, download SuccessCo from Google Play or App Store.

Free ‘Motivation’

Once you get the app on your device, you’ll easily have access to all that it offers. Just create an account so the app can personalise your experience. Go through all the functions provided by the app and see which one fits your current need or problem. There’ll surely be several sources of motivation from the app – and they come for free.

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Inspirational Videos

Mr Sim Dara, the developer of the app, has upload several videos of him doing inspirational talks. He has long been known to have a knack for words that tug at one’s heartstrings and provide the motivation you want to hear when you’re feeling down or troubled.

‘Short but Sweet’

The app provides some motivational quotes and phrases that are short but inspiring. The quotes may seem like a mere combination of words that rhyme; but they have the power to set your mind to positive thinking. Because really, all that you feel is just in your head. When you train your mind to think of happy thoughts, you’ll easily find the light in every situation.

Live Events

Mr Dara also holds live events and seminars. Announcements of the events are posted in the app, so everyone can easily see them. The live events, however, aren’t free. Users can easily process their payments through the app itself. No hassle! All the workshops and seminars conducted by Mr Dara will surely give you the guidance you need, and will push you to move forward towards success.

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