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Young minds, deep thoughts

Som Kanika / Khmer Times No Comments Share:
19-year old author Sophany Chandara. KT/Som Kanika

Coming from different family backgrounds and academic studies, five youths collaborated to write a book that mirrors the society they live in.

“Social View Through Youth’s Perception” focuses on many issues faced by the society, including the struggles of the youth. Academic challenges, depression, self-discovery and fears are just some of the topics emphasised by the book’s five writers, who all have experienced and walked on those ‘rocky’ paths themselves.

19-year old Sophany Chandara, from Kampong Cham Province, said that the core purpose of writing the book with her friends is to share their perspective on the most common issues of the youth and how they, as young adults, have overcome (and still overcoming) those issues.

“The initiative of creating this book started after a debate competition. Even though the competition already ended, the fire of the team didn’t end there. We thought that we should leave something to inspire the next generation and share our views of the society from the youth’s perception. That’s the core inspiration of writing this book,” said Chandara, a second year student of the Institute of Foreign Languages.

Nguon Vayu. KT/Som Kanika

Nguon Vayu, 22 years old, also added that book will serve as a guide for the young ones to choose the right path towards betterment and success.

“Another purpose of the book is to guide the next generation to walk the right path and shape their minds to be wise in decision making. This book also gives an encouraging message that will let them see life in a moe positive way,” shared Vayu, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from the Royal University of Law and Economics.

Having no strong background in writing books nor about the process of publishing it, the writers used their passion and enthusiasm to help the society and to guide the next generation to be their driving force in completing what they have started.

Chandara said, “Even though we faced many challenges upon creating the book, it didn’t stop our enthusiasm in sharing our social views through writing”.

“We acknowledge that there are fallacies within this book, but we also hold the belief that if we don’t do it now, when?”

Nguon Vayu also shared that, “Upon writing this book, we need to look in our society in a deeper context and see what the normal issues and challenges that youth usually face in their lives. We tried our best in bringing the positive views and inspirational stories and lessons that teenagers should know for them to have a better grasp at life.”

Chandara added, “There are many challenges the whole team faced during the process of making this book. One of them was the lack of budget of publishing the book. Producing this book, we have no sponsors, but due to our strong passion we shared our personal budget to make this book into a reality.”

Co-writers Sophany Chandara and Nguon Vayu emphasised that the accomplishment of producing this book would not happened without the big help and advice from their parents, professors and instructors.

“All the authors would like to express our gratitude to all the professors and instructors who stayed behind and guide our way to the right path. We would not have made it today with their help from the beginning to the end.”

Aside from Chandara and Vayu, “Social View Through Youth’s Perception” was also authored by other three writers, Born Bunchheang, Rom Reaksa and Koem Singsyleakhena. Those who want to get a copy of the book can contact the authors directly.

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