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Camcontrol destroys more than 60 tonnes of sub-standard goods

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times Share:
KT/Chor Sokunthea

Camcontrol officials have destroyed more than 63 tonnes of sub-standard goods this year.


Mak Pichrith, director-general of Camcontrol, on Monday said the goods included sub-standard spices, meats, desserts, pickles, vegetables, fruits and beverages confiscated along the borders and throughout the country.

“We confiscated goods that meet requirements set by the law. We then destroyed the goods,” Mr Pichrith said. “We inspected markets and shops where goods were sold and we also provided information to buyers and sellers.”

“Some buyers and sellers were concerned about chemicals in food,” he added. “Some just didn’t know that their products contained prohibited chemicals.”

Mr Pichrith added that 499 petrol stations and depots were also checked and found that 281 stations had cheated customers by having sold low quality fuel and fraudulent quantity.

He noted that Camcontrol had also cracked down on 22 palm sugar production facilities for mixing white sugar with banned chemicals to make it seem like brown sugar.

Va Vatana, a spice vendor in Phnom Penh’s Kandal Market, yesterday said Camcontrol should continue to crack down on sub-standard goods.

“It is good to prevent chemical-tainted goods from entering the market,” Ms Vatana said. “Even sellers sometimes cannot tell which vegetables or goods contain banned substances.”

“We buy goods from others to resell,” she added. “Sometimes we cannot tell by just looking at the goods. There need to be proper inspections”

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