A statesman of worldwide reputation

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Top leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong Un meets with US President Donald Trump in Singapore, on June 12. Xinhua

The DPRK Embassy in Phnom Penh profiles Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and his success through the years in international politics, culminating in 2018 with the thawing of inter-Korean relations.

People the world over are growing louder in their praise of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. As acknowledged worldwide, he is a renowned statesman with keen political insight and ennobling human traits.

Upon emerging on the political arena, the Korean leader won recognition as a “star of world politics.”

The September 2010 conference of the Workers’ Party of Korea was a landmark event. The news that Kim Jong Un was elected Vice-Chairman of its Central Military Commission at this meeting caught the attention of the world media.

By the end of that year, TIME, Sankei Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun, Kyodo News Service, Jiji Press and other influential media chose this as one of the top ten news in 2010. China’s People’s Daily described Kim Jong Un as a “statesman of mystery,” while CNN and The Wall Street Journal ranked him among the Ten Persons of the Year 2010 and among the nine notable figures of the year 2011, respectively. The world media pointed out that Kim Jong Un entered the political circles, dramatically attracting the greatest international attention.

Following the demise of Chairman Kim Jong Il, he earned fame as a national leader; by dint of his popular political mode based on the principle of “Everything for the People,” he led the country along the path of prosperity and thus enjoyed the unqualified support of his people.

Foreign media, especially in Russia, Germany, Cambodia, Brazil, Egypt, Nigeria and Bangladesh, gave wide publicity to his peculiar mode of politics, calling him a statesman of ennobling virtues, benevolent leader of the people and incarnation of devoted service to his nation.

Despite the persistent sanctions and obstructions by the hostile forces, the Korean leader consolidated the country’s socialist system and increased its national strength.

The mass media attributed the DPRK’s rapid growth in many fields to its Supreme Leader’s wise guidance.

A Hong Kong satellite TV commented: In a short period after Kim Jong Un took the helm of the state the DPRK has undergone amazing changes, to the admiration of the international community. The Korean leader has exhibited his outstanding leadership abilities in front of the eyes of the world. Some newspapers of Malaysia and Myanmar wrote in a similar vein, asserting that the Mallima era in the DPRK was ushered in under Kim Jong Un’s seasoned guidance and eulogizing his leadership qualities–aspiration for surpassing global standards, extraordinary speed of creation, daring and ambitious approach.

Thanks to his innovative insight and bold decision, inter-Korean relations thawed. This was in itself a positive contribution to ensuring global peace. The international community welcome his initiative, which led to rapprochement in the Korean peninsula and dialogue between the DPRK and the US.

Many political figures and journalists around the world spoke highly of the Korean leader, calling him a statesman of unusual courage and willpower and a great master of diplomacy who is steering the political world with confidence. The interest in this sagacious leader is increasing with each passing day.


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