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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff at Work

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Your professional life could be frustrating when you are a fresh graduate starting your first job. In fact, you are most likely to feel like a loser at work as you walk into an environment that’s new to you, but not to the millions of people who have already journeyed through it.

The anxiety, the pressure, the stress can come to you all at once and make you no longer excited coming to work and only want to stay indoors, but you know it is impossible since you got bills to pay and a piggy bank to feed.

Many people agree that first jobs could be a terrible experience and can inevitably go wrong from your expectation. There are things you can and cannot control, and there are unpleasant issues that can make you go crazy at work such as demanding bosses, unrealistic deadlines, ridiculous meetings, backstabbing, harsh criticisms and more.

However, do not hate the idea of going to work yet. You will not learn to grow up and better if you avoid this stage. When problems happen, that also means you should take on some more readings to find the best solution.

My suggestion for you this time would be “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff at Work” by Richard Carlson.

Through his book, Carlson shows you the effective and feasible tricks on how to avoid taking the small stuff seriously and to lighten your work environment. Starting from “Daring to be Happy” to “Don’t Live for Retirement”, the book touches on what you need to do to lighten yourself up at work through each of the 100 chapters.

Each chapter of the book is written in a short but precise way, which helps you understand different contexts at work, some of which you may have encountered before while others can be a good learning lesson to prepare yourself for those situations.

Carlson was born in 1961. He died in 2006 due to pulmonary embolism. He was a psychotherapist before becoming an author – the very reason he is an expert on how to foster and divert mindsets for a healthier and happier personal and professional life. Carlson was well-known through his popular book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” book series. His other books include “Don’t Get Scrooged: How to Thrive in a World Full of Obnoxious, Incompetent, Arrogant, and Downright Mean-spirited People”, which debuted in 2006.

Author: Richard Carlson
Publication: 1998

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