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Phnom Penh school adopts new way of teaching math

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Sisowath High School launches the PAMA programme in Phnom Penh. Supplied

Sisowath High School in Phnom Penh, designated as a New Generation School, yesterday announced it will introduce the PAMA programme aimed at calculating mathematics faster, becoming the first state school in the Kingdom to do so.

The Programme of Abacus Mental Arithmetic was created by a group of Khmer mathematics experts and it is copyrighted with the Culture Ministry.

Professor Sophea Phon, PAMA programme chief, said yesterday that it is a first time the programme is being introduced in a state school and it will be expanded to cover more state schools in the Kingdom.

He noted that 28 private schools are currently using the programme.

Mr Phon said that he is now discussing with Sisowath High School on which grade it should start introducing PAMA, adding that it can be studied from the ages of four up to 15 years.

“PAMA is a calculation method which is four times faster than current methods,” he said. “This programme was created by Khmer experts and is recognised by the Education Ministry and copyrighted with the Culture Ministry.”

Mr Phon added that this new programme will not only help students to calculate mathematics problems faster but also improve their mental abilities so that they can also excel in other subjects.

“This programme is not compulsory and students can opt to continue studying mathematics using current methods,” he said. “This programme is designed to improve the students’ capabilities and make them more competitive at the international level.”

Sam Kamsan, a deputy director of Sisowath high school in charge of NGS, said yesterday that the school is introducing PAMA because it wants to modernise teaching methods.

“We hope that this new programme will help students to become smarter and excel in mathematics,” he said. “It is modern technology which will make students more competitive at the international level.”

Im Koch, an Education Ministry secretary of state, confirmed yesterday that the ministry recognises the PAMA programme which enables students to calculate faster and develop their brains to think fast.

“I encourage parents to allow their children to study this new programme to develop more capabilities to study hard to benefit the country and their families,” he said.

Sin Sitha, a parent of a student, said yesterday that she is interested in the programme because she has seen that students who study it can calculate fast and are good at their studies.

“They teach students to calculate very fast and I will allow my children study it,” she said. “Most students who study it become good in mathematics.”

“When they are good at mathematics, they excel in other subjects, too,” she added.

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