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Ruling CPP to hold congress today

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Thousands of CPP supporters attend a January 7 anniversary on Koh Pich. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The ruling Cambodian People’s Party is set to hold a three-day congress today aimed at discussing the country’s further development and the government’s achievements.

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday said that he is scheduled to preside over the 42nd congress today until Thursday in Phnom Penh, where thousands of party officials join the meeting at the Koh Pich Exhibition Centre.

Speaking during the inauguration of Lower Sesan II hydropower dam in Stung Treng province, Mr Hun Sen said that all civil servants are ready to ask for leave from their workplaces to attend the congress.

“Tomorrow and over three days, the Cambodian People’s Party will discuss what we have to do to gain trust from Cambodian people so that we can transform our country from a low middle-income to upper middle-income country by 2030,” he said.

Mr Hun Sen said that by voting for the CPP, people voted to maintain peace and development; the CPP swept all 125 National Assembly seats during the recent national election.

“Only the Cambodian People’s Party has enough capacity to maintain peace. Peace is the foundation of development,” Mr Hun Sen said.

Prime Minister Hun Sen. AKP

CPP spokesman Chhim Phal Virun said that the CPP’s Central Committee will be reviewing the party’s works, politics, internal affairs and platform to boost the country’s economy during the congress.

“The CPP has accomplished huge achievements to develop the country such as maintaining peace, social stability, protecting territorial sovereignty and independence, especially against those who have intent to destroy peace,” Mr Phal Virun said.

“Prime Minister Hun Sen has led the country on the right track as we are ensuring peace and political stability, preventing foreigners from meddling with our internal affairs. These are keys to building the country,” he added.

He said that the congress will also address some issues related to individual government officials who violated the law, and incitement to discriminate by extremist opposition groups.

“The former opposition party always raised Vietnamese issues. And now they stopped talking about Vietnamese, but they have touched on Chinese nationals,” Mr Phal Virun said. “So, this is a challenging issue we need to tackle carefully, especially related to their tactics and tricks by serving foreigners’ interests.”

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