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Chinese security delegation aims to open training centre

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Officials close a security meeting on Sunday. CEN

Siem Reap provincial police on Sunday held talks with a delegation from China’s Shanghai Security and Alarm Association to establish a private security training centre in Cambodia.


Major General Tith Narong, chief of provincial police, yesterday said that he and private security management bureau officials met with the delegation and discussed security improvement and cooperation.

“The main focus was about how to improve security and strengthen cooperation,” Maj Gen Narong said.

Captain Tan Sambo, chief of the private security management bureau, said that the delegation from China is aiming to establish a school in order to train private security personnel.

“They wanted to pay us a visit and greet our police officers. They also wanted to do a presentation on a private security training centre in China they built,” Cap Sambo said. “They said private security guards should first be trained at a professional school before being allowed on the job.”

“They said that their private security guards have professional standards and expressed a desire to open schools in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and Siem Reap,” he added. “However, the plan is still vague.”

Cap Sambo noted that during the meeting, police officials were invited to visit Shanghai in order to experience first-hand how the school will operate.

“They invited us for an exchange visit to Shanghai, but the date has yet been confirmed,” he said. “In Siem Reap, there’s not much of a security concern for foreigners. They just want to increase the professional standards of private security guards.”

The National Police last month appealed to all security companies to register with the Interior Ministry and ensure that their guards are properly trained.

“Those who have registered must ensure that their employees are well trained and are equipped with uniforms denoting that they are private security guards,” deputy chief of National Police Lieutenant General Dy Vichea said at the time.

Lt Gen Vichea noted that private security companies do background checks before hiring guards for safety and security reasons.

Lieutenant General Lim Sokhareaksmey, director of the National Police’s private security management bureau, said in October that security guards should report crimes, noting that guards can keep their anonymity and would be rewarded.

“We encourage all private security guards to help and report about crimes occurring in their areas to local police,” Lt Gen Sokhareaksmey said. “We will keep the reports secret and we will reward them.”

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