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Experts warn of repeat of record-breaking California wildfire

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FILE PHOTO: Firefighters move debris while recovering human remains from a trailer home destroyed by the Camp Fire in Paradise, California, U.S., November 17, 2018. REUTERS/Terray Sylvester

LOS ANGELES (Xinhua) – The Camp Fire in Northern California has been under control, but the fire season is not over with experts warning of a possible repeat of the record-shattering infernos that engulfed US parched Golden State this year.

“Global warming has created this tinderbox … and it’s not going away,” said San Francisco businessman Glenn Nemhauser.

“I came outside … and the flames were licking the sky and trying to jump the highway across from my house,” Mr Nemhauser said.

Officials are praying that with the holiday season coming, California will not be afflicted with any more flames.

In mid-July, 2018, a series of large wildfires erupted across California, mostly in the northern part, including the Mendocino Complex fire.

On Aug. 4, a national disaster was declared in Northern California due to the extensive wildfires.

“But the season went from bad to unbelievable in just the past 60 days, the late fall,” San Luis Obispo businessman John Ott said.

In November, the Woolsey Fire in Los Angeles – Ventura gobbled up close to 100,000 and damaged or destroyed 2,000 structures.

Also in November, the Camp Fire starting Nov. 8 became the deadliest and most costly in Californian history.

Before it was extinguished a month later, 88 civilians were dead, 13,972 residences, 528 commercial and 4,293 other buildings were damaged and 153,336 acres were torched.

It was also the deadliest wildfire in the US since the Cloquet Fire in 1918, data show.

As of December 2018, more than 100 lives have been lost and 2 million acres of land burnt throughout the entire fire season, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

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