More students faint while at school

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More than 100 students have fainted in two provinces in the past month. Fresh News

Health officials and authorities in Kandal province have concluded that a lack of stamina and calcium were the main contributors to the latest series of student faintings.

Colonel Sim Kheang, chief of Koh Thom district police, yesterday said 30 students fainted on Friday and 28 more students fainted on Saturday at Koh Thom High School.

Col Kheang said the students were sent to the district hospital on Friday and Saturday and have since recovered from the ordeals.

He said a lack of sugar and calcium was attributed to the decline in the students’ health, noting that mass hysteria also contributed to the incidents.

“The cause of the fainting was because of lack of stamina and lack of calcium,” Col Kheang said. “Some students are feeling better and have left hospital.”

Kouy Bun Thoeun, director of the provincial health department, yesterday said that he ruled out food poisoning as the cause and noted that lack of calcium and mass hysteria were the main reasons why the students fainted.

“Doctors tested their blood and saw that the students were lacking calcium,” he said. “The doctor treated them and they are now back at home.”

Bun Sok Ang, deputy director of the high school, yesterday said most of the parents of the students believed that their children fainted due to spirits. Mr Sok Ang noted that some students lacked sleep.

He said that the school has invited a monk to hold a prayer on Tuesday.

“Some students did not sleep enough,” Mr Sok Ang said. “This is our belief – monks will come to pray on Tuesday so the students will not panic and encourage them to not be afraid of anything.”

Last week, nearly 100 students at Thamar Koul High School in Battambang province fainted, prompting officials to respond by educating students and faculty on how to safely prepare food.

The officials then concluded that the Thamar Koul students had little rest, did not eat enough, lacked calcium and were susceptible to mass hysteria.

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