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Santa, Show & Snow, all that in Phnom Penh

Anith Adilah Othman / Khmer Times Share:
NagaWorld’s Santa Claus delights children, young and old. Supplied

As of late, Cambodians join the millions worldwide who usher in the Christmas season throughout the month of December.

Albeit the holiday celebration is fairly new in this Kingdom of Wonder, today’s merriment is vastly different from that of just five years ago. Back then Christmas in the capital meant little more than having small sparsely-adorned trees displayed in a few shopping malls.

Nowadays more and more locals are enjoying the quintessence of the contemporary holiday spirit – sharing a joyous occasion with loved ones and embracing the cheer of giving.

The colourful garlands of lights that spruce up most parts of the city, from the roads surrounding the airport all the way to the heart of Phnom Penh, enbody the joyous spirit of Christmas and may make the burdens of the diabolic daily traffic less annoying for the motorists underway and their passengers.

Those seeking more merriment ought not to fret, because in Phnom Penh there’s a place that’s not short of Christmas magic and things associated with the Yuletide, like Santa Claus, elves, snow, and festive tunes.

Where? NagaWorld, of course.

Children may sit on Santa’s lap and whisper all their wishes into his ear – who knows, they may come true! He is just a small part of a fun-filled evening.

From 7:30pm every Thursday to Sunday, one can experience a photo session with Santa, and afterwards take in a 45-minute show in the NABA Theatre. It features 30 international and local performers in a special NagaWorld production dubbed Viva X’mas.

Not to worry about getting a seat, then NABA’s 2000 seats offer room for everyone.

Viva X’mas tells of a girl who hopes to find Christmas warmth in a frigid Winter Wonderland. Her village is hit with a storm that freezes everyone and she saves the day with her magic lamp. Then everyone celebrates – even Santa Claus himself. Throughout her adventure, she meets, sings, and dances with various well-known characters like the Snowman, the Sparkle Fairy and the Magical Prince.

After the show there is an extra treat. Upon leaving the theatre one can experience the feel of snowflakes on the skin or on the tongue – thanks to the specially-imported snow machine.

The best part is that it’s all free! Get tickets at the NagaWorld counter 30 minutes before show time and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

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