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Felix Sea is an actor and model at ComeTogether Films and a performer of original songs. Eileen McCormick recently caught up with the 2010 Cambodian Youth Peace Ambassador and quizzed him on his androgynous style.

Good Times2: What is the difference between male and female fashion?

Felix Sea: For me as an artist, I think style is the same these days and very androgynous. Both genders can add a little bit more of masculinity or femininity to their looks. I mean girls can, you know, add a top hat or tie while guys can front flower shirts and pastel colors.

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Good Times2: Which movie costume did you love the most?

Felix Sea: Well, I recently landed my first lead role where my character had split personalities. I had to change costumes a lot for each personality. I have never experienced dressing like a ladyboy but for this role, I had to wear women’s dresses. It was fun to play such a different person from myself and wear so many types of styles.

Photo: Soytry

Good Times2: How do you choose what to wear everyday?

Felix Sea: I like to dress and pick colors based on my mood. So if I am a bit depressed or in a sad state, I like to wear more black. Today, I’m wearing some black and white, so my mood is about 50/50.

Good Times2: Where do you like to go shopping?

Felix Sea: Random places. I like to change my style a lot so I don’t have a specific shop or a market. I like Padani in Aeon Mall because the clothes there are of good quality and are affordable and they match Cambodian climate and fashion.

Good Times2: How has your style evolved?

Felix Sea: When I was in high school, we did not have much freedom to dress differently. We mostly would always be seen in school uniform. There was not much room to deviate. University life, however, was different. There was a bit more freedom but I still found it quite limited. I would say that it was through my music that I learned about the importance of self-expression. My music performances really allowed me to experiment with clothes and style and made me less self-conscious. I became more confident and felt less edgy for standing out in the crowd. That’s how I evolved.

Good Times2: How about your style on stage?

Felix Sea: It really depends on the songs I’m performing. When I sing, I like the audience to feel the lyrics and get in the mood. So how I dress on stage is really important for my audience to get into the swing of things. When I perform dance or pop songs, I tend to dress more colourful.

Good Times2: Do you have any favourite brands you like to wear?

Felix Sea: Not really. Every brand is unique and we have to acknowledge that. I am impressed with the work of Skyleros, a Cambodian fashion designer, and I admire him. He has a unique way of bringing colour and flowers into male clothing.

Photo: Taa Vin

Good Times2: Is there anyone who inspires your style?

Felix Sea: Troye Sivan is a South African-born singer, songwriter and actor. He inspires me with his cool style.

Good Times2: I see you have a Buddhist necklace on. Is that part of your style?

Felix Sea: Well, I don’t really wear jewelry for any religious reason. My grandmamma gave me this necklace so I’m wearing it because it is sentimental to me.

Good Times2: What accessories do you like to wear?

Felix Sea: I guess I have a few different watches in different colours to go with different clothes. I like to wear jackets and scarves and really big accessories. But because it’s so hot in Cambodia I don’t get to dress up in that stuff often. I also have piercings in my ear and I like to have different kinds of earrings.

Good Times2: Are you a man with many shoes?

Felix Sea: I don’t have that many different shoes but I like black Timberland boots.

Good Times2: What style motto would you like to share with your fans?

Felix Sea: Don’t waste time trying to please others. You have to just be yourself and wear what you feel defines you. Be brave to express yourself. I want to see more Cambodian youth being bold and creating their own style – not just mimicking fashion from other countries.

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