Gov’t recognizes MD degrees from Vietnam

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Caption: The Prime Minister at the inauguration of the new maternity ward at Phnom Penh’s Calmette Hospital in January 2018. Photo: KT/Chor Sokunthea

The Health Ministry now recognizes Vietnam’s medical doctorate (MD) qualification as being equivalent to those of Cambodian universities with a Health Science curriculum.

Many postgraduates studying for their MD in Vietnam contacted the Prime Minister via Facebook. The students said that the MDs issued by universities in Vietnam were recognized by Cambodia’s Education Ministry, but not by the Health Ministry.

The premier responded by telling Health Minister Mam Bunheng to resolve the issue. “I do not have a problem to recognize the same level of [education] in the Vietnamese universities …,” he said, “But I must hear the Health Ministry’s arguments.”

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Apparently the Health Ministry thought the Vietnamese training period of six years was too short in comparison to Cambodia’s eight years, and required an additional two year internship.

The Prime Minister made Mr Bunheng aware of the fact that the Vietnamese doctorate takes six years (including the internship) but students need more credits and spend more time in the classroom then their Cambodian counterparts. Cambodia’s universities require an eight- year training period (including the internship) but the total study time is less.

The premier said that Mr Bunheng responded by saying the two are equivalent and the ministry no longer rejects properly acquired degrees from the neighbour country.

“All of the concerns are resolved for you students … ” Mr Hun Sen said, urging students to increase their capabilities and use their gained knowledge to serve the country.

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