PM calls for ethical party campaigns

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Supporters of the ruling CPP during a commune election rally. KT/Chor Sokunthea

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday called on all political parties to campaign ethically and refrain from attacking their competitors using improper rhetoric during the election campaign period as the upcoming national election nears.

Mr Hun Sen wrote on his Facebook page yesterday that there is 35 days left before the national poll, noting that the election campaign period run from July 7 to 27.

“I appeal to all political parties and party candidates to respect each other,” he said. “Don’t use rude words to insult each other; be respectful, ethical and act with dignity.”

“Please campaign about your party and do not harass other party’s candidates,” he added.

The premier has repeatedly called on the public to participate in the election on July 29 and vote for the CPP to ensure peace and development for the nation.

“I promise to stay with my compatriots for at least ten more years,” Mr Hun Sen noted.

Sam Kuntheamy, executive director of election watchdog Nicfec, said that he supported the Prime Minister’s message.

“All candidates should promote their political platforms rather than attacking or insulting individual political parties,” he said. “Attacking would create obstacles during the electoral process.”

Kong Monika, president of the Khmer Will Party, said that his party has a clear platform to develop the nation and is not interested in attacking other political parties.

“We want to create a new culture by encouraging people to consider party platforms rather than focusing on the leadership of an individual person,” Mr Monika said.

Mr Monika added that it was always the ruling CPP and the now defunct opposition CNRP that went on the attack in the past.

The Prime Minister on Saturday also ordered authorities to protect all political party candidates and their activists to ensure a free and fair national election.

“I would like to remind our CPP that we do not think about winning, but we must think about the whole nation,” Mr Hun Sen during a speech on Saturday. “Do not forget that we are the ruling party, so we must take responsibility for a free and fair election.”

“For the value of the previous and current democracy, we do not think only about winning for the CPP, but we also must think about winning for our nation through free and fair elections,” he added.

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