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Public advised against using fake health supplements

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times Share:
Some of the banned products. Fresh News

The public has been advised to avoid consuming Madura health supplements, including its coffee, weight loss medicine Caroline and joint medicine Osto as some of these products have failed to pass quality checks and some are counterfeits that can cause ill effects leading to possible death.

The Ministry of Health issued a notice on Friday about the products, noting that the health supplement and coffee from Madura, produced in Thailand, contained Sildenafil, which is used to boost male sexuality and could cause heart attacks.

For this reason, the ministry recalled the Madura products for immediate destruction.

The ministry also warned that Facebook users selling the products would face legal action.

Some of the products which banned for consuming by Ministry of Health. Fresh News

“If the account owner or any individual does not collect or recall these fake products and continues to import, sell or distribute them, they will be punished in accordance with the law on drug management,” the notice said.

Hean Kimseat, deputy director of the Regulatory Office with the Health Ministry’s Drugs, Food, Medical Equipment and Cosmetics Department, said that the counterfeit Madura products were imported into Cambodia without a specific source, and advertised and distributed via the Facebook account Green Health.

“Coffee and health supplements that have no proper import company and are not available at pharmacies and only sell online are dangerous,” he said.

“After testing these products, we found they were mixed with modern medicine harmful to the health of consumers, especially those with a heart condition.”

The Ministry of Health also advised the public to avoid using the weight-loss product Caroline, Caroline coffee and joint medicine Osto because these products are neither registered with, nor checked for quality, by the ministry.

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