ANFREL unveils plan to destroy democracy

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The dirty tricks of Koul Panha and his ANFREL (Asian Network for Free Elections) in disrupting, discrediting, and destroying the general election slated to take place on July 29 were finally unveiled through its report issued on June 15. In its report, as expected, ANFREL already made a pre-judgment on the political situation in Cambodia even prior to the Election Day by pessimistically stating that the upcoming election will not be free and fair without the presence of the defunct Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP). The report contradicts ANFREL’s claim on April 10 that it will not interfere in the electoral process in Cambodia.

The report exaggerates and manipulates the real situation in Cambodia concerning the rights of civil society, press freedom and the environment surrounding the electoral campaign. Such an exaggeration is undoubtedly intended to destroy the election while in reality, the vast majority of Cambodian people, are committed and ready to cast their votes in choosing their favorite parties to lead the country in order to maintain peace and development. Contrary to the report, Cambodia has continuously consolidated its path of liberal multi-party democracy as proven by the participation of 20 political parties in the upcoming election. Furthermore, liberal democracy, civil and political rights have been fully respected.

It is not uncommon that reports of some national and foreign NGOs, including ANFREL, have been crafted by a group of foreigners who have a clear political agenda and they, with a group of exiled politicians, have been colluding and implementing their foreign bosses’ plan in order to destroy Cambodia’s reputation and prestige internationally, as well as to disregard the interests of the Cambodian general public as a whole. These foreign bosses have provided funds to establish ANFREL and hired Mr Koul Panha to act as their puppet.

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To date, ANFREL’s report is only available in English and not in Khmer. This speaks for itself and is a clear indication that its ultimate purpose is to destroy the Cambodia’s international reputation and prestige.

They have exaggerated the real situation in Cambodia and prepared in advance a report serving the goal of the colour revolution plan by creating and making up election-related-issues, thus causing misunderstanding and anger among the public. This sets the stage for them to incite unrest and chaos, and eventually create a social movement.

ANFREL’s report issued before the election is part and parcel of a foreign strategy to destabilise Cambodia and trigger regime change. These foreigners have hired some local and foreign NGOs to produce a deceitful report, which goes against the reality on the ground so as to serve their political ends.

If COMFREL, NICFEC and ANFREL are really committed to the principle of righteousness, neutrality and independence as they always claim, they must not act as spokespersons of the defunct CNRP and use the same message as the opposition leaders. In fact, what they have been doing is to serve the interests of the defunct CNRP. Their foreign bosses are no longer providing funds for their planned election observers because it is not in their interest to do so since the organisational structure of the planned color revolution was dismantled late last year. Instead, these money-oriented civil societies, for their political gains, claim that they will not participate in the electoral observation because the election will not be free and fair.

The political and financial support to establish the Election Situation Room outside Cambodia is nothing but a continuation of the ill-intended manoeuver against Cambodia. Mr Koul Panha and his organisation have obviously and unquestionably been serving foreign interests to destroy his own nation. The new strategy is to use some civil societies that support the opposition party which are based in Cambodia but are funded by the NED (National Endowment for Democracy), USAID, IDI (Inclusive Development International) and other sources to disrupt, boycott, and discredit the July general election and the government to be formed thereafter.

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Pol Peanorin, Phnom Penh

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