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Aeon Mall 2 Sen Sok City grand opening ceremony

Khmer Times Share:
Seiichi Chiba, Senior Managing Director, Aeon Mall Co., Ltd. Photos by: Engly Tuy (Sakura)

Aeon Mall 2 Sen Sok City celebrated its grand opening ceremony on June 20. The mall is located in “Pong Peay City” an area which is north of downtown Phnom Penh and is currently under comprehensive development by the LYP Group. The area is currently promoting the construction and planning of housing, wedding venues and commercial facilities. Cambodia developers are also developing residential projects including high-end housings near area. Therefore, the area is expected to see further development in future. As the mall is close to downtown Phnom Penh, transportation between the mall and existing residential quarter is convenient and fast.

Seiichi Chiba, Senior Managing Director of Aeon Mall Co., Ltd and Aeon mall colleagues posing in a group photo with VIP guests.

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