Businessman hands out gifts to students

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The Chinese businessman visits students at the school. Phnom Penh News

A Chinese businessman who reportedly won more than $100 million dollars at a casino in Macau paid a surprise visit to Stung Meanchey Primary School on Tuesday, distributing money and study materials to poor children and teachers.

The teachers and students were not familiar with the man, but just described him as a wealthy Chinese man who had good luck at the casino. Singapore media outlet the Stomp identified him as Wong Chi-Hua, 35.

The Stomp last week carried a report about the man after he was seen in a video shared virally on WhatsApp showing him throwing cash at crowd of people in a place which was said to be the Marina Bay Sands Casino. The Stomp said the latter detail was untrue because the incident had never happened in Singapore.

It reported that Mr Wong won $130 million after he brought $500,000 to gamble in a casino in Macau. He always travelled around with jewellery all over his body and with several big bodyguards, it added.

The man poses for a photo with authorities. Phnom Penh News

The visit of the man along with his bodyguards and associates to the school also went viral on Facebook.

Several teachers interviewed declined to comment about the visit fearing that it might cause trouble because the visit did not have permission from authorities.

One teacher who asked not to be named said the man came to do charity work, but social media overrated the visit.

“He came in a three big cars along with his bodyguards,” the teacher said. “He made the surprise visit to give some stuff to students and teachers. This included small amounts of money and some school materials.”

“We gave him about 30 minutes to distribute the stuff because if we want to hold an official event, we need permission from various levels,” she added. “It was not like reported Facebook about the man throwing money at the school. And if he wanted to, we would not have allowed it because it could have caused chaos and led to an accident. So this is not true.”

According to a school report to the Meanchey District Hall, the man helped 200 poor students at Stung Meanchey Primary School. Each of them received a bag, book, a hand board, a ruler, 12 coloured pens, a marker, eraser, pencil sharpener and 5,000 riel ($1.25).

All 104 teachers received 15 kilos of rice, one dozen cans of fish, a case of noodles and 10,000 riel ($2.5 dollars). The school got 500,000 riel ($125).

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