Yunshang Town, an innovation hub in Southwest China

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A robotics demonstration in Yunshang Town. KT

Located near Kunming, the capital and largest city in China’s Yunnan province, Yunshang Town has become a centre for technology innovation in the country thanks to its startup incubators.

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The village now boasts five business incubators, with nearly 320 companies engaged in an incubation programme and an additional 430 enterprises taking advantages of their office space, training courses or mentorship. Incubators in the village occupy a total area of 47,000 square metres and are responsible for more than 4,000 jobs.

Yungshang town was handpicked last year to serve as a model for entrepreneurship and innovation in the region, said Shen Yang, who works at the Yunnan Yun Shang Big Data Industry Co Ltd.

It is the only town in Yunnan province where such levels of entrepreneurship and innovation for the information technology industry can be seen, he said.

“With massive entrepreneurship and innovation resources being poured into the information industry in Yungshang, the development of cloud computing, Internet of Things and big data is definitely a priority,” Mr Yang said.

Some of the most renowned local and international incubators with operations in the village include Yun Shang Yun Big Data Base for Massive Entrepreneurship and Innovation, TusKspace, Maker Space, Zhonnguancun e-Valley, Creativity Space and Microsoft Cloud.

One of the companies benefitting from Yunshang’s incubation resources is Ubtech Robotics Corp, which describes itself as a company that brings cutting edge technical solutions to today’s problems.

It is a highly innovative software house, systems integrator and technology provider and has grown to become a leader in the commercial and consumer robotics industry.

The company has various research institutions specialising in artificial intelligence and works closely with some of the biggest players in the industry, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences, iFLYTEK, Tsinghua University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

During a robotics demonstration in which robots danced and exercised, an Ubtech spokesperson said their robots were designed to be human-friendly.

He said they can be used as toys, educational tools, and even as a “family members” for those in need of companionship, adding that the robots can speak any language that’s uploaded to their system.

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