New animal park to open next month

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After two years of construction, Safari World, one of the biggest zoos in the kingdom, will opened its doors to visitors next month in Phnom Penh’s Chroy Changvar district.

With a capital investment of $9 million, the park will exhibit around 800 animals, including bears, ostriches, kangaroos, giraffes, tigers, dolphins and deer.

According to the zoo’s website, there will be shows featuring crocodiles, orangutans, tigers and different types of birds.

Ly Yong Phat, president of LYP Group and owner of the park, told state-run media outlet AKP that the zoo will be the largest of its kind in Cambodia, and explained that it was previously located in Koh Kong province.

“We moved from Koh Kong to Phnom Penh to take advantage of the large number of visitors to the capital,” he said.

“Opening the largest zoo in Phnom Penh is also part of creating a resort to attract both national and international tourists.”

Besides the zoo, LYP Group has also invested $30 million to build Angkor Water Park in Phnom Penh.

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  1. Entertainment shows with Orang Utan or other wild animals are simply disgusting, beyond words

  2. I hope this place will change its mind about having performing animal shows which are cruel and unnatural for the poor animals. Orangutans do not belong in such situations.

  3. This is not the type of animal experience that western visitors will pay to see. Please take advice from animal welfare experts to provide a sanctuary for the animals in your care

  4. Are you fucking seriously doing this!??? Such animal exploitation at every level!!!!! Stop. Don’t. Why not try an animal virtual exhibit that doesn’t hurt or exploit but enhances the senses. Just imagine. In an actual encounter but not endangered. So much technical advances don’t have to kill animals anymore.

  5. This is disgusting. Your country and your government are shameful. All LYP investment will be avoided by all that I am able to tell. LYP group is going to lose a lot of money in share over this

  6. Scum! All of you – how can you do this to such beautiful creatures. You make me sick. If I lived there I would protest out front everyday to stop this. To all the money hungry arseholes behind this I hope you rot in hell. No animal on this planet deserves what you put them through.

  7. This is not entertainment. Stop using animals as entertainment. Only sadistic people abuse animals for profit

  8. Utter stupidity! Cambodia do you simply not get it?

    The world does not want – and will not pay (your investors) – to see performing animals. Let them roam free, no stupid shows and no cruelty!! ???

  9. This is absolutely disgusting why on earth would any one want to see such animal abuse is beyond me ?it’s 2018 places like this just should not exists

  10. Funny seeing everyone complain about how these animals are treated but I bet most people would never ask how their meat was made. Guys – If your seriously complaining about animal cruelty walk the walk and don’t support the invisible torture of animals.

    1. I do no eat meat and intensely aware of those issues too. But personally I don’t believe you can compare the two.

  11. This is abuse! I hope everyone boycotts your zoo. Orangutans boxing? That’s barbaric!

  12. I do not believe in performing animals. It is extremely cruel & degrading. We are responsible for animal welfare & which includes their safety. If zoos need an animal to perform then get the humans to perform instead. This zoo is not conducive to animal welfare but a mockery of it. I am disgusted with the whole idea.

  13. Utterly heartbreaking what’s happening there. Apparently this is so since many years. Animals don’t deserve to be abused that way. They should be cared for and respected . Shame on those countries.

  14. When is Asia going to wake up, this is not entertainment, I can’t imagine the cruelty involved for these beautiful Orangutans, most people would find this abhorrent I hope this Zoo!! Has a re-think about this, these Orangs been to be protected disgusting ?

  15. What the hell is wrong with you people. Don’t you think you hurt enough animals for eating now you must torture and cage other animals for the rest of their lives for your sick entertainment. Shame on you!! I hope everything goes wrong and this fails epicly.

  16. Shame Shame Shame! Until you can show respect for animals you do not command respect from anyone else. Animals are to to be used and abused. Last time I come to your country.

  17. Captive dolphins? Boxing orangutans? I hope environmental groups give you hell and sue you every step of the way. I definitely won’t be giving you any money.

  18. All this outrage is all very well and good and I am sure we are all feeling so much better/worse for it – but what are you actually doing about it my friends ?? Any creative ideas out there?
    PS, boycotts by privileged white liberal dogooders are meaningless, it is aimed at the throngs of Asian tourists who love it.