Authorities suspect bird flu in Mondulkiri

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Samples were sent to a laboratory after more than 60 chickens fell ill. Supplied

Authorities suspect that a new case of H5N1, or bird flu, has emerged in Mondulkiri province after more than 60 villagers’ chickens fell ill.

Sok Kheang, chief of the provincial agriculture and fisheries department, said more than 60 chickens in Keo Seima district had fallen ill since last week.

He added that chicken samples had been sent to a laboratory for analysis, but the results were not forthcoming.

“We took those samples to the Pasteur Institute for examination, but we have not got the results yet. Provincial authorities have told villagers to be careful,” he said, adding no humans had been affected.

Mr Kheang said authorities were trying to prevent the illness from spreading.

“We had our officials spray chicken and duck farms to kill the virus after we heard some chickens were ill,” he said.

Mr Kheang added authorities would inform the village once the laboratory results were in.

Deputy district governor Yin Sokleng said the illness was confined to Sre Ktum commune.

“Two families in Sre Ktum commune had ill chickens. Now authorities will examine those areas and spray for the virus,” he said.

According to a recent Agriculture Ministry report, officials sprayed anti-viral disinfectant at livestock breeding farms nearly 40,000 times over the course of 2017, which saw four cases of H5N1.

Early last month, nearly 300 chickens and ducks were culled after a new case of H5N1 was found in Phnom Penh’s Sen Sok district. In December, the virus spread to Kampong Thom province’s Stoung district following an outbreak in Kampong Cham province.

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