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Nomad upgrades the humble cable

Ismail Vorajee / Khmer Times Share:
Nomad’s updated version of its battery cable can crank up 2,800mAh of power. Nomad

Imagine a charging cable with an integrated battery that is able to give your Apple iPhone an extra power boost. Nomad, purveyors of minimalist, practical tools that seek to keep its users powered up when on the go, have come up with an innovative solution. Well technically, this is their second crack at their first model released last year. And the improvements are welcome.

While Nomad’s original packed a mere 2,350mAh battery, the updated version can crank out 2,800mAh of juice. The cable is made from ballistic nylon, extra thick wire and kevlar, so there’s no danger of it failing after a week. Additionally, they have introduced a more durable aluminum exterior to the battery portion, meaning it should handle drops and spills just fine. The USB-A to Lightning cable itself is 1.5 metres long and features pass-through charging, meaning the cable can charge the phone until full first, and then the battery.

The cable is priced at $49.95, but Nomad will hope consumers can be swayed to pay a premium for the convenience of an integrated battery and iPhone cable solution.

The US-based company offers international shipping but warns prospective buyers that international orders can take between 1 and 6 weeks for delivery.

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