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Learning, understanding the native tongue

Um Chanraksa / Khmer Times No Comments Share:

Are you a tourist or an expatriate having troubles understanding the Khmer language? Audio Khmer is here to solve your problem.

Audio Khmer is a phrasebook mobile app that allows you to get the translation of basic words and phrases. The app developers understand the frustration one feels when language barriers gets in the way of ordering meals, telling drivers where you’re heading to or just buying the most basic of stuffs.

With this mobile app, you will be wasting no time letting people know what you want, and vice versa. For tourists, this is also a great app to help you explore the city hassle-free. Your journey in Cambodia is guaranteed to be easier and more comfortable.

Additionally, this mobile app does not need internet connection. After downloading this from Google Play, you can access it anywhere, anytime. Audio Khmer wishes you a happy and trouble-free stay in Cambodia!

Vocabulary Categories

Once you get the Audio Khmer app on your device, you can start learning hundreds of words and phrases. The app has made it easy for you, as the words are categorised accordingly. You can go to the specific categories you wish to learn. Try the transportation category – that’s probably one of the most useful ones.

Easy Learning

You will see after you’ve chosen a specific category that dozens of words and phrases are listed. These words are the most basic and most essential in daily conversations. The app will also show you the most used words, so you can start practicing them now. An audio guide is also available if you want to know and learn the correct pronunciation of words and phrases. Accurate intonations will help you better communicate with the locals.

Saving favourite phrases

Once you have the app on your own hands, you’ll surely have fun learning new words. You can keep track of your learning and mark the most useful words as ‘favourite’ by clicking the heart symbol on the mobile app. This will help you easily remember the words, and won’t have hard time searching for them again in the app.

Direct translations

The mobile app allows you to directly translate words from your original language or native tongue to the Khmer language. Simply put, there’s no need for a third language to help you get the words you need to understand and converse. With the direct translations, it’s easier to talk and be confident that your words are understood clearly by the locals.

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