Russian embassy celebrates National Day

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Cambodian guests arrive for the celebration in Phnom Penh. KT/Chor Sokunthea

Senior minister Ly Thuch and the Russian ambassador to Cambodia highlighted the benefits of a bilateral relationship between the two countries on Tuesday night during a Russian embassy celebration commemorating Russia’s formal decision to declare sovereignty from the Soviet Union in the early 1990s.

Surrounded by diplomats and senior government officials, Russian Ambassador Dmitry Tsvetkov, along with Mr Thuch, presided over the event.

During the celebration, Mr Tsvetkov said that the adoption of the Declaration of National Sovereignty in June 1990 was a turning point in Russian history. He said that it brought fundamental political and economic transformation.

“The National Day symbolises the dawn of a new era for our people – who made their choice in favour of a free and open Russia,” Mr Tsvetkov said. “Present-day Russia adheres to independence and sovereign foreign policy, commits to oppose monopoly and the dictation of any nation, and stands against the application of double standards and colour revolutions.”

Russian Ambassador Dmitry Tsvetkov and senior minister Ly Thuch. KT/Chor Sokunthea

He said that Russia will continue to be a major guarantor of global stability and will stay committed to preserving international law. He added that Russia will seek to develop mutually beneficial relationships between nations.

“Our approach is widely shared by the majority of countries around the world, including Cambodia, which have benefited from mutual understanding and trust in the political sphere,” he said. “I would like to highlight that Russia will continue to support the modernisation of hospitals through financing renovations and improving capacity building through the United Nations.”

Cambodia has benefited from Russian relations over the past 28 years, he added.

“An old friend is better than a new one,” he said.

Mr Thuch responded by extending the government’s gratitude.

Mr Thuch said that Russia has helped Cambodia during the most trying times, especially as it rebuilt itself after war.

“Education and human resource development have been key areas for our cooperation,” he said. “Human resources were nurtured and that created an impact on Cambodia’s socio-economic progress while encouraging academic exchanges.”

Mr Thuch added that both countries are pleased with the result of trade between the two nations. He said that Cambodia has received more than 60,000 Russian tourists.

“Mutual benefit is what creates positive momentum in boosting bilateral ties,” he said. “I firmly believe that our efforts will not only bring peace, stability and prosperity to both countries, but also the region and the world.”

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