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Sex product advertisers warned

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times No Comments Share:

The Health Ministry has warned of legal action against five Facebook accounts that advertise the illegal male sexual enhancement medicine Super Storm.

The ministry also urged people to stop using the product immediately to avoid wasting money or damaging their health., warnign that the product could cause heart attacks.

The ministry said on Monday that daily monitoring of Facebook showed accounts promoting Super Storm.

Super Storm, made in Thailand, does not have a valid import company, registration, proper inspections or permission to advertise from the ministry. Moreover, the advertisements misrepresent the truth.

The ministry required the owners of the Facebook accounts to stop importing, advertising, distributing or selling the illegal medicine, which has been recalled.

“The ministry will take strict legal measures against Facebook account owners who import, advertise, distribute or sell these illegal male sexual improvement medicines, in accordance to the Law on Drug Management,” the ministry said on Monday in a statement.

Hean Kimseat, deputy director of the regulatory office with the ministry’s drugs, food, medical equipment and cosmetics department, said previously that the ministry had been looking for account owners who advertised illegally.

The ministry aimed to take legal action against them even though the sellers tried to hide their identity, he said.

“The law says that if those products are not registered, we will impose fines, and if those products are counterfeit, it will lead to criminal penalties,” he said.

Mr Kimseat urged the public to buy medicine or health improvement products from legitimate companies or pharmacies, not online because most of these products were illegal.

Since the beginning of this year, the ministry has issued a series of announcements urging the public to be careful and avoid using illegal medicine and sexual improvement products that affect heath.

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