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Healthier Cambodia with SGMC

Srey Kumneth / Khmer Times Share:
Dr Wenus Ho and Dr Juliana Latif Tan welcome participants of the Women’s Health talk. KT/ Srey Kumneth

Singapore Medical Centre (SGMC), managed under DrMap Cambodia, held an engaging talk on “Women’s Health” last week. The theme focused on the importance of regular women’s health screenings for heart and bone diseases and cancer prevention. The event, which also highlighted how women can maintain good physical health as they age and how they can sustain hormonal balance, nutrition and sexual health, was sponsored by SGMC’s Singapore Family and Aesthetic Physician specialists Dr Wenus Ho, MBChB and Dr Juliana Latif, MBChB.

Dr Wenus Ho said, “There is an acute need for access to a reliable women’s medical health in Cambodia, and SGMC is committed to making sure that everyone, not only women, has access to quality healthcare.”

“Women’s health has a broad range of needs that require special attention and taking care of, on top of battling everyday well-being concerns such as work load, nutrition, and other factors that matter,” Dr Juliana Latif said.

Anthony Jude KT/ Srey Kumneth

Singapore Medical Center’s founding concept is to not only treat and diagnose illnesses, but to also give their patients the capability to achieve peak health and wellness, as well as to optimise quality of life through evidence-based medical treatments, with accredited healthcare professionals guiding people through every step of the way.

Run and managed under DrMap, utilising Singapore healthcare standards and specialists, all treatments and services are backed by medically certified processes and protocols. The medical center will be implementing a range wide of services covering primary care, chronic disease management, diagnostic imaging and screening, and holistic wellness, aesthetic and surgical treatments.

Anthony Jude Tan, founder and director of DrMap Cambodia, said that he has plans to expand to several branches more across the country, particularly in Siem Reap. Mr Tan acknowledged that the kingdom needs more health care centers to help prevent diseases among locals.

Several women joined last week’s “Women’s Health“ talk at the SGMC, where they learned about the importance of health screenings. KT/ Srey Kumneth

DrMap business model provides a complete know-how – designs, procedures, management –to help patients, physicians, medical providers and investors in the fields of medical-tourism, hospitality and lifestyle industries promote medical-related care.

SGMC intends to offer medical services and treatments to Cambodians, expatriates working in the country, as well as those from neighbouring countries seeking state-of-the-art health facilities and services.

“The price range is very affordable as we are trying to keep everything readily available for the Cambodian people. Many are really choosing to go abroad, Singapore, Thailand or Vietnam, for treatment. So, we are bringing the medical care they need right here in Cambodia,” Mr Tan said.

Mr Tan continued, “I think patients are saving themselves from the inconvenience of travelling. Equipment and doctors are already here. It will be much within reach.”

Located at the fourth floor of the newly-built Bridge Mall, the center is due to open before the end of 2018. It will hold its grand opening after the Chinese New Year in 2019.

“SGMC will be opening probably in the month of November, though there’s no specific date yet. We want to make sure everything is ready for the patients. We have activities lined up for the year. And since the building is already complete, we are now working on work schedules and the overall operation of the center,” Mr Tan said.

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