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Making your dream wedding possible

Um Chanraksa / Khmer Times Share:

Wedding is a celebration of love – not just for the couple but for the people who wish them genuine happiness as they embark on a journey together. And since weddings are undeniably one of the most important moments of life (especially for the bride), the celebration should go smooth and hassle-free. This is what “WeddinGate” mobile application promises to offer.

WeddinGate understands the complexities of a Khmer wedding, and knows how significant it is for everyone. So with just few clicks, the couple can plan for a grand and memorable wedding.

The mobile app provides a helpful platform where the couple and the wedding organisers can create, plan and manage the celebration. It has a full list of wedding planning and management tools, including financial control. A checklist management, guest list management and a love diary are also provided in the app.

It also has a list of all stores and service providers that can help the couple create their dream wedding. To top it all, e-invites (or electronic invites) can also be forwarded to families and guests through e-mail, SMS or other channels.

Moreover, with the innovate technology, the app also allows the guests to pay through the E-Jorng Dai function.

Are you getting married soon? Get this app for free on both App Store and Google Play, and start planning for the big day.

Sign In

You need to sign in once you get the app on your device. By signing in, you can fill all the information about you and your partner – wedding date and venue, love diary, number of guests, preferred motif and styles. This provides a powerful digital tool to help you plan and manage the celebration and cut down stress.

Trusted product/service providers

The app has a list of trusted wedding stores and service providers the couple can contact. You can access information about the stores and specifications of their products and services through the app so you will know what they can offer you. Food, flower, invitations and all other stuff you need for the wedding can all be found within the app.

Wedding management

No need to jot down everything if you use this app. It provides a convenient way to outline the things you need to consider – budget, guests, food, flowers, venue, clothes and everything. Wedding checklist helps the couple ensure that they have complete and accurate tallies of things and make sure they’re doing the right things at the right time.

Sharing love and happiness

Aside from providing you with everything you need before the wedding, the couple and the guests can also use the app on the actual wedding day. Users can share photos and videos of the wedding and spread love and happiness.

‘Love Diary’

The app has a Love Diary – a digital book that a couple can use to write down their stories, the good and bad, which they can read back and reminisce as they continue their love journey.

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