SCIA promises quality education for Cambodians

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Photos: Engly Tuy (Sakura)
Thavrak Bunn Vattanak, a scholarship applicant of SCIA, poses with his family. Photos: Engly Tuy (Sakura)

Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Group has provided private education and lifelong learning in Singapore for more than 50 years now. With its aim to expand and bring quality education outside the state, SIM established Singapore Cambodia International Academy (SCIA) and will soon be welcoming its first batch of students.

Anselm Chu, SCIA’s Managing Director, said that the educational institution is strongly committed to provide the best quality of education to students in Cambodia, like what the SIM has been offering to Singaporean students since it was founded five decades ago.

“We intend to offer a unique pre-school and high school programme that blends both the Singapore and Cambridge curricula. We also provide our own programme for our primary school. Students who study here can actually continue their diploma or bachelor’s degree in Singapore or in the UK if they get high scores that meet the standards abroad.”

SCIA Managing Director Anselm Chu says the academic institution hopes to provide quality education in Cambodia.

The school is open to both local and foreign students. Mr Anselm said that about 60 percent of the student population will be Cambodians.

He added that Cambodia’s strong economic development is the key factor the Singaporean education provider has decided to bring its services to the Kingdom. The Cambodian government’s uncomplicated laws on commerce also contributed to the hassle-free establishment of the institution.

Chhan Kanora, a professor at CamEd Business School said that he and his wife are enrolling their two children at SCIA because they believe and have seen evidence that the institution embraces and practices a culture of excellence in both academics and operations.

“I have learned to recognise the importance of such a culture in an organisation and in person. Some of the indicators that this culture permeates SCIA are the deep thinking and conceptualisation behind SCIA’s integrated school development framework, the curriculum design, the outstanding track record and work ethics of all the SCIA employees we have met so far as well as aspects of student recruitment and the admission process,” Professor Kanora said.

Han Daluy, Chief of Government office at MoEYS, said he personally believes in the mission and vision of SCIA.

Professor Kanora added that with the infusion of holistic Asian values and academic excellence by the school, his children and all other students of SCIA will gain learnings and experiences that will definitely help them in their future careers and other endeavours.

Han Daluy, Chief of Government office at MoEYs said that his child has applied for scholarship at SCIA and will be in Grade 9 at the start of the new term. With the Singaporean curriculum inculcated in the system, Mr Daluy said he does not need to send his son to a school outside the Cambodian borders anymore.

“I trust Singapore’s education because I know that they only provide the best quality of students. I think if Cambodia follows this model, the country will have more capable and highly-skilled human resources that can help in the country’s development,” said Mr Daluy.

Having experienced how SCIA’s education curriculum works, Thavrak Bunn Vattanak said the enrichment classes he attended last year helped him gain better understanding of English, Mathematics and STEM.

“I choose SCIA because of its international curriculum and signature programmes in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The teachers have a lot of experiences and knowledge in teaching. Through the enrichment classes, I discovered that SCIA teachers build strong foundation in reading, listening, writing and numeracy. The school provides opportunities to grow students’ potential.” Vattanak said.

Vattanak, who is applying for a scholarship at SCIA, hopes to be on top of his class and be given the chance to represent SCIA in local and international competitions in the future. He aims to be the student ambassador of SCIA and help encourage more students to study at SCIA and experience quality education.

“With the full scholarship, I will be able to help my dad improve our lives. I also look forward to helping the school as much as I can by promoting the school and assisting in the school events and camps. With the education I receive from SCIA, I hope to help others by sharing my knowledge to the community. I intend to be very active in service learning to help those who are less fortunate,” Vattanak added.

The school campus is strategically situated in One Park Condominium in the Phnom Penh City Center.

SCIA will be holding scholarship information sessions on 9 June from 2 pm to 3:30 pm and on 15 June from 4:30 pm to 6 pm. Deadline of scholarship applications is on 20 June.

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