Keo Senglyhour: Miss Earth-Cambodia 2018

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Miss Cambodia 2017 1st runner-up Keo Senglyhour will be the kingdom’s representative in the Miss Earth 2018 pageant this coming November in the Philippines. KT/Say Tola

Beauty pageants aren’t mere gatherings of the world’s most beautiful women. They bear with them significant advocacies to help create a better home for everyone. Miss Earth, for one, aims to use the pageant as an instrument to save and preserve Mother Nature. This is what Miss Earth-Cambodia 2018 Keo Senglyhour, 19, wants to advocate as well.

YT: You will soon be flying to the Philippines and represent the Kingdom in the Miss Earth 2018 pageant. How are you preparing for the competition?

Photo: KT/Jean-Francois Perigois

Ms Lyhour: I have trainings every day. I practice good walking so I can represent Cambodia in the most confident way. I am also learning English so I can communicate well during the pageant. Aside from these, I also spend much time studying. I want to equip myself with general knowledge so I’ll be ready for the question and answer and so I know the latest about the Earth and the environment. I just feel so lucky that Arise Agency and my colleagues always encourage me to be better every single day.

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I am not really sure if I can bring home the crown, but I am doing and will be doing my best to give pride to Cambodia. For now, I am 80 percent ready to go to the pageant. I will be going alone, so my independence and maturity will also be tested. I am just hoping for the best.

Photo: KT/Say Tola

YT: Miss Earth advocates environmental awareness and preservation. As one of its contestants, what activities have you done so far to help the Cambodian environment?

Ms Lyhour: I have joined and gathered young kids to plant more trees in some provinces in Cambodia in the past months. Not only planting trees, but I also bring awareness in terms of throwing trash properly. I am happy that many people understood and followed what I was doing. But I have a greater hope that people, young and old, will help maintain cleanliness in their surroundings and join hand in hand in protecting the environment.

Photo: KT/Say Tola

YT: Being a beauty queen is no easy task, isn’t it? How and why did you decide to become one?

Ms Lyhour: It’s definitely not easy. We have to take care of ourselves and see to it that we eat the right kind of food and exercise often. And as I represent the country in the upcoming international pageant, the pressure has doubled. I have to learn and practice so many things so I can be the best representative for the pageant. Despite the hardships, my passion for modelling and my belief in the causes of beauty pageants helped me overcome hurdles.

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Photo: KT/Say Tola

Also, it’s because of Miss Cambodia and the Arise Agency that my life has changed beautifully. From my participation in the Khmer Supermodel competition in 2015, I continued to struggle my way through Miss Cambodia 2017 until I became part of Arise. The agency has helped me reach my dreams.

Currently, aside from my pageant preparations, I am also doing reviews for the national exam this year. I am thankful that my agency understands my situation and keeps pushing me to pursue education while preparing myself to become Cambodia’s pride in the Miss Earth pageant.

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