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Clips From the Province

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Four Vietnamese Detained Because of Illegal Logging
MONDULKIRI – Ouraing police detained four Vietnamese suspected of illegal logging in Cambodia at Sraloa Mountain near Pohyam village. The incident happened at 11:00 on June 9, 2014.
Ouraing police chief said they confiscated two power tillers and 14 logs of expensive wood. 
The suspects were questioned at the police station and sent to the immigration office for legal actions. 

Illegal Electrical Fishing Equipment Confiscated
TBONG KHMOM – Nearly 200 illegal pieces of electrical fishing equipment, which had been confiscated from the residents of Tbong Khmom, were burned on the morning of June 10, 2014 in Chong Cheach Commune said the presiding police chief of Dombe District, Hong Kimsean 
The police said that the fishing equipment was confiscated from the residents of 13 villages.

The Corpse of Kaam Samnor Police Chief Found After Boat Sank
KANDAL – The corpse of Kaam Samnor police chief, Sorm Siborin, was found on the morning of June 10, 2014 after a boat sank in the middle of the Mekong River. 
Before the incident, around 14:00 on June 9, 2014 Mr. Sorm Siborin along with his six officers boarded the boat heading from Leuk Dek District to another side in Peam Chor District in order to take goods to Vietnam. 

Police Hunting Perpetrator After He Killed a Man With a Hoe
BATTAMBANG – The police chief of Koh Kralo said they are trying to find the suspect after he killed a man on the evening of June 8, 2014 in Kork Roka village.  
The perpetrator Moa Lonh, aged 25 and the victim Moeurn Meth, aged 28, were from the same village. The victim died when he arrived at the hospital. 
The victim’s family said before the incident, he drove his power tiller from his farm and the perpetrator went behind him. They argued, suddenly the perpetrator hit the victim with a hoe and then he fled. 
Residents Believe in Treating Hemorrhoids With Root Medicine From a Hermit
KAMPOT – Some people believe in treating hemorrhoids  using root medicine made by Hermit Pong Sok, 53, living in a cottage at the base of Mrom Mountain near Trapaing Salakhangkeut.
The patients with hemorrhoid use the root medicine and apply it to the area of the anus which has become swollen and inflamed. They soak the area with the boiled root medicine for 10 days and they have a recovery rate of 100 percent.  

Lightning Strike Killed Seven Cattle in Krakor
PURSAT – A lightning strike killed three buffalo and four cows at 17:00 on June 9, 2014 in the Krakor district while it was raining heavily. 
The local authority said that natural phenomenon of lightning occurred in different places. One was in Khla Krapeu village,  which killed three buffalo owned by Heng Phan. Another was in Khsach Laet  village which killed four cows that belonged to Dim Dy.
One Person Died And Seven Others Sick After Eating Puffer Fish
KANDAL – One died and seven other family members were sick after eating puffer fish. The incident occurred at 09:00 on June 10, 2014 in Takeo 2 village.
The residents of Takeo 2 said that the dead victim was named Roeurn Thoeurn, a 45 year old male. He died at Calmette hospital and the seven other victims were receiving treatment. 
Twenty-Three Students at Hun Sen Peam Chi Kong High School Fainted
KAMPONG CHAM – Twenty-three female students at Hun Sen Peam Chi Kang High School in Peam Chi Kang Commune fainted on the morning of June 11, 2014.
Most of the unconscious students were in grades 10 and 12. They were sent to Peam Chi Kang hospital and to Prey Chhor. One student who was seriously sick, was sent to a provincial hospital. A doctor, Kim Sourphirum, said they suffered from lack of oxygen to the brain.
Lightning Strike Killed a Worker and Eight Others Slightly Injured
ODDAR MEANCHEY – A man was killed, his wife fainted and seven others were slightly injured by a lightning strike. It was raining and thundering at 15:00 on June 8, 2014 in Tuol Tbeng village. 
The victim, Khvin Voeurt, aged 42 died on the way to the hospital. There was no specific information about the other seven victims, but all of them were fence builders.
A Youth Sent to Court of Intentional Violence
BATTAMBANG – The police sent a youth named Ex Bora to court on the morning of June 10, 2014. He was inloved in intentional violence on June 7, 2014 in Trapaing Prolet village. Two youths, the victims and the suspect, had an arguement while they were playing volleyball. 
Elder Brother Drowned in Well Whilst His Younger Sister Was Rescued
KAMPONG CHHANG – A boy, Chan Moa aged four drowned and his younger sister, Chan Reaksmey aged two was rescued after falling into the  well which was 1 meter deep. They were drawing water from the well.
The incident happened at 09:30 on June 9, 2014 about four meters away from their house in Char Thmey village. 
The local police said their mother was at work at a garment factory and left them with their grandmother. 

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