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Disabled Athletes Get Incentive Budget

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An athlete receives a gift from allocated as part of the national budget from Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Sok An at the Council of Ministers.

PHNOM PENH, (Khmer Times) – A budget over US$ 380,000 has been allocated to support disabled athletes in Cambodia. This budget allocation came directly from the national budget.   
Mr. Sok An, deputy  prime minister in charge of the Council of Ministers said, “this event is the platform to show our government’s  support of the sporting sector by spending the national budget to fund these athletes and coaches.”
He stated, “On behalf of the government, I congratulate all athletes who’s efforts and commitment led to success.   I would also like to give high praise to the national Paralympic Committee of Cambodia and all related institutions who  participated in the ASEAN Paralympic Games at Naypyidaw city, Myanmar.”
Mr. An also encouraged people to keep sports as a part of their daily lives as a key to assist in maintaining fitness. He said that, “participating in sports not only helps in achieving a happier, healthier lifestyle, it can build the solidarity of friendships, as well.”
“Sports also play an important role in strengthening our country’s prestige on the international stage as well,” he said.
Mr. Yi Veasna, secretary general of the National Paralympic Committee of Cambodia was appreciative of the achievements of all the athletes that brought unbelievable success to Cambodia.
“Our 23 disabled athletes came home with over 30 medals and I am especially thankful to the Government of Cambodia and Prime Minister Hun Sen for their financial support of the athletes and coaches.  This highlights the concern this government has for bettering the lives of our disabled people,” he said.
Mr. Van Von, the athlete who returned with five medals from the 7th ASEAN Paralympic Games expressed his appreciation by saying, “I am proud to bring my medals home after the strong support our government showed us.” Although satisfied with his success, he stated that he will commit more effort to training, so that he may achieve even more success at the next Paralympic Games.
The Paralympic Games involves athletes with a range of physical disabilities participating in four disciplines; wheelchair racing, track events, swimming and volleyball.  Cambodia participated in the games of 2001, with the athletes achieving great success by bringing home 120 medals.

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