City Hall Pledges No Loose Trash by End of 2014

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Phnom Penh municipality officials gathered with youth and students to clean the city in Daun Penh district, which has many tourist sites, in order to show to the public how to keep the city clean.

PHNOM PENH, (Khmer Times) — Phnom Penh municipality associated with the youths to clean up public areas around tourism sites in Daun Penh district, to be an example of how to keep the city clean from loose trash.
Over 2,500 participants from different institutions were divided to four groups to pick up the garbage along four popular tourism sites. 
Mr. Pa Socheatvong, the governor of City hall said, “we must have unity to achieve the goal that Phnom Penh Capital will have no trash by 2014.” 
He also expressed his purpose on the impact related to garbage saying, “we want to educate all the people to pay attention on the risks of the garbage which impact on health, beauty, hygiene and social order, especially the prestige of the city and people will be down [if we allow trash in public areas].”
He stressed that the public, CINTRI and relevant parties should unite to implement cleaning, trash collection and solid waste transportation regularly, and enhance the plan for all areas of the city to be clean. “We have to organize the service for collection and transportation of trash to any locations which did not get these services,” Mr. Socheatvong added.
He pointed out that in order to achieve all these goals, first the city should provide the opportunity for the people to report and recommend to the municipality if the trash collection service does not respond with efficiency. Second, they will organize public forums at each village, commune and district for the people who produce trash and the workers who collect trash, so that the process runs smoothly.
During the activity of picking up garbage, Ms. Sum Sophea, a teacher at Preah Yukunthor high school, said that she is happy to join this event. She also wants to announce to foreigners that our country and city can stay clean and beautiful without trash.
“Please, all people and students join together to pick up the garbage and keep our city clean,” Mrs. Sophea said.

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