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Civil Society Organizations Urge the Government to End Corruption

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Participants listen to a representative of a civil society organization during a session on Good Governance for Anti-corruption at an event hosted by the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia.

PHNOM PENH, (Khmer Times) – The Civil society organizations (CSOs) of Cambodia have encouraged the government to implement their fight against corruption more quickly and efficiently.
The message comes as CSOs have gathered for the 8th certified NGO forum on promoting effectiveness in the context of good governance in Cambodia.
Mr. Soeung Saroeun, executive director of the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC), said, “The social disease that is hard to cure is corruption; it is the impediment to the development of the country. Civil societies in collaboration with the anti-corruption unit must join together to fight corruption in our country.”
He welcomed the government’s Rectangular Strategy Phase III of core good governance, including fighting corruption and legal, judicial and public administration reform to effectively serve to the public. 
“The anti-corruption unit has worked closely with stakeholders in fighting corruption, especially the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports regarding corruption in the school curriculum,” noted Mr. Saroeun. 
Mr. Ok Serei Sopheak, political analyst and consultant, said that people in his time couldn’t fight corruption because of a mindset left from the civil war and a lack of knowledge, morality and poverty. At the present time, high ranking officers always take the opportunity to commit corruption for their own benefit. 
He added that if the ruling party’s government doesn’t make reforms quickly, the people will not support them anymore. 
Mr. Pich Pisey, program director of Transparency International Cambodia, said, “The situation in Cambodia, according to the report, is seriously affecting the lives of the people at both the national and sub-national level. In 2013, Cambodia ranked 160 of 179 for corruption among countries worldwide.”
Mr. Pisey added, “We urged the government to implement the existing mechanisms.. If we have commitment but do not practice, there is no result. Fighting corruption doesn’t mean ACU itself, but it will work in collaboration with all involving units. We improve human resources, law practice and accountable and transparency.”

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