CPP-CNRP Meeting on 5th June Draws Blanks

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PHNOM PENH, (Khmer Times/M.H.Tee)  —  The much anticipated resumption of talks between the ruling Cambodian Peoples Party (CPP) and the Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP) did not lead to a rescue of the stalled process to get the opposition into the parliament.
The CPP, led by Mr. Prum Sokha and comprising Mr. Sok Setha and Mr. Keut Rith while the CNRP was led by Mr. Kuoy Bunroeun. MP elected for Kompong Cham.
A source familiar with the “meeting” dubbed as informal between the two parties, said it was a waste of time as the CNRP wanted to reinvent the wheel by bringing back the 14 points which had been brought up and discussed, deliberated and consensus reached earlier.
A CNRP official who declined identity said that the meeting was indeed a waste of time as “we are not prepared to accept reality and seek the ideal political scenario and go about beating our chest on our impending victory.”
“The CNRP leadership is aware of splits emerging within the party, not because of the CPP but because of the leadership’s stance towards negotiations and baseless, scandalous and shameful accusations such as the bridge stampede and Vietnamese involvement, etc.” they said.
The CPP official meanwhile, stressed on conditions of anonymity that unless and until the CNRP has got its act together, future meetings may be put on hold or called off altogether.
A western diplomat from a major power which had backed the CNRP and its leaders said, “We are getting frustrated as it is coming to a year and the CNRP seems to be clutching at thin or invisible straws.”
“Mr. Rainsy and Mr. Sokha are putting on a united brave front but we in the diplomatic and intelligence circle know there is a lot of fiction bout distribution of wealth collected from well-wishers and others, personal lives, one trying to outshine the other so much so that they are coming up with politically bankrupt statements,” they said.
Mr. Phay Siphan, spokesman for the Council of Ministers said, “The meetings can go on and we will continue to govern and undertake reforms which will soon become apparent. The Royal Government is aware of the CNRP strategy of dragging this issue and keeping the people’s attention distracted from the fact that 55 of the candidates they thought they had voted into Parliament were defending their rights but were on the contrary destroying them.”
“They, the CNRP, can go on with their rhetoric and this is actually good for us as people are beginning to realize the empty talks and fantasy rhetoric and allegations and that the CNRP is trying their best to provoke a reaction from the government on baseless issue,” he said.
“In addition, they want to keep the Government distracted from its mission of undertaking deep reforms and hence the cat and mouse game and the threat of demonstrations everyday by the opposition. What a waste of a golden opportunity for two parties with strong representation in the Parliament to tackle the nation’s woes,  but one chose to ignore debating in parliament and instead taken the path of battling on the streets,” another diplomat said.
The Prime Minister’s Cabinet declined to comment other than saying that CPP was open for amicable talks on issues and resolutions, but not going back and forth with the same 14 points time and again.

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