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Job hunting with Khmer All Job app

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Are you looking for a job? Wouldn’t it be great if you have the information of several job opportunities in your hand? Worry no more. Just go to the app store on your device and see “Khmer All Job” – you’ll have all necessary information on job postings or announcements right on your smartphone.

Khmer All Job mobile application is a mobile platform that provides the user easier and quicker access to job opportunity details – companies, qualifications, required documents and all.

The mobile app provides you the opportunity to explore into different categories of job positions in Cambodia, and assess your very own capabilities, knowledge and passion so you will know which job best suits for you. All the information in the app are collected from job websites and companies and are listed categorically for you. At least 26 job websites are connected with the app, promising you myriads of job information. Looking for vacancies is a no sweat endeavour anymore.

You can download the app for free on Google Play, and will soon be available on the App Store.

Home Screen Information

Almost all the job websites in Cambodia have partnered with Khmer All Job. You will see them all in your Home Screen. Click on whichever site you think will give you the best job listings. The partner job sites will immediately provide you information about the job you’re looking for and will guide you with the process of applying for it.

More to search for

On the left side of the Home Screen is the ‘More’ button. This is where you can get more information about the app or about the partner websites. You can also rate the app’s usefulness and efficiency through the button. You’re also encouraged to share the app to your friends so you can all enjoy the job-hunting.

App Details

To assure yourself that you are using the right kind of app for your job hunting, a detailed information of the app can also be accessed.

Get Access to Websites

As you browse through the list of job websites, you can click to any of them and you will be led to the website. You will be offered various kinds of jobs you’re free to choose from. The app has lots of available positions listed so you will surely enjoy browsing.

Here’s a tip: Never settle for just any job. Find a position where you know you will be happy and where you can express yourself and talents more. That’s the only way you’ll be able to appreciate your work.

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