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Celtic comedy legends come to craic gags

Dan Riley / Khmer Times Share:
Scottish national Phil Kay won Best Stand-Up at the British Comedy Awards in 1994. Supplied

What else could be better than a humour-filled Friday night? And not just ordinary comedy. With renowned Scottish stand-up Phil Kay and Irish comic Aidan Killian, it’s surely going to be hilariously crazy. The comedians share their excitement to perform together, for the Phnom Penh crowd, with Dan Riley.

Comedy in Cambodia, the Kingdom’s only live comedy promotion, has reportedly been trying for years to get Phil Kay over to perform. Finally, the wait is over.

The acclaimed Scottish stand-up will headline the “Celtic Comedy Legends” show at Box Office in Phnom Penh this Friday night, supported by top-rated Irish comic Aidan Killian.

“I am excited to be alive and anywhere exotic,” says Mr Kay. “It brings out the best in comedians. The eyes look, the ears hear and the legs go to better places following the nose… and Cambodia is all new to me.”

According to Mr Kay, attendees on Friday can expect “fast-paced, altruistic, mad, up-to-the-minute stories of personal topicality and tropicality… Hair-raising scrapes with the authorities of travel, a good aeroplane joke, and a song about You, the crowd, and a man who wants to go out dancing afterwards and climb a tall building or wide beach for sunrise”.

Mr Kay won the award for Best Stand-Up at the British Comedy Awards in 1994 and will perform his 29th Edinburgh Fringe show this year. He lists his recent exploits as having “oiled my bike with pig fat, nicked the cigarette from behind the ear of a sleeping man, did a fart on an escalator, made fun of Stephen Hawkins, made my own cotton buds, and refilled a mini-bar with water and tea”.

Mr Kay recommends to buy a ticket for the Friday show, “as it’s one way to see this foolishly positive, off-the-cuff mix of creativity and going-wit-the-flow, vibe energy deal man”. Tickets are available at Box Office, 3 Mangos and The Irish Place at advance rates before the day of the show.

Irish comic Aidan Killian is an established comedy promoter in the region. Supplied

Mr Killian, meanwhile, has been busy establishing himself as one of the premium comedy promoters in the region, having organised Asian tours for superstars Bill Bailey and Doug Stanhope as well as the Magners International Comedy Festival in recent months. However, he can’t contain his excitement for going on tour himself with one of his idols.

“Am I excited? Yes I bloody well am,” says the Irishman. “Ten cities in two weeks with the wonderful, lovable genius, Phil Kay. Wow! How did I get to be so lucky?”

“I saw Phil do his thing (I could say comedy but it’s so much more) about six years ago and I insisted he came to Ireland to perform some gigs. People still talk about those gigs to this day. He was phenomenally funny.”

“We went swimming in the sea and that same night Phil did and one of the funniest shows about his experience on the beach… I have never seen another comic do anything, even close to what Phil does with such ease and eloquence.”

The Kay-Killian Celtic combination is tried and tested. “Last year, we rocked Australia at The World Fringe and they wrote lovely stuff about us,” said Mr Killian. “One site, The Australia Times, gave us a 4.5-star review and wrote ‘Nothing but genius’. Really? Well where is the other half star then?”

Mr Killian admits that as a fan, he is in awe of Mr Kay’s art. “By the end of the week, Phil had a new hour about Australia. Mind blowing!

“But as a fellow comic, it is heart breaking watching him create hilarious new comedy hours and then dropping them like they are used snot rags. Sometimes I like to pick up his used snot-rag and rub it all over my face, which always makes me at least 6 percent funnier.”

Despite his hectic recent schedule as a promoter, Mr Killian says he has been writing and practicing new bits for the last few weeks in Bangkok, and is eager as ever to get it out there. “I also have some rusted gems that need to be taken out of my treasure chest buried under the oak tree in my back garden, but I can’t seem to find my shovel.”

The Celtic Comedy Legends show is slated to start at 8pm at The Box Office, with doors opening at 7pm on Friday 1 June. Advance tickets are $10 and $8 (for Upper Deck and Lower Deck seats, respectively) or $15 and $12 on the door. Email [email protected] for more details, or check out their Facebook page.

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