Rainsy’s letter only insults the King

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Sam Rainsy, a desperate fugitive, has recently launched a campaign to obstruct the Cambodian people from going to vote in the upcoming national elections to be held on July 29.

There is no international community or media support for campaigning against voting even though they are still silent. After realising that his fraudulent campaign does not work, Mr Rainsy then wrote a letter asking His Majesty the King to intervene to urge Cambodians to boycott the election. In fact, he has never respected the role of His Majesty the King up to this day.

He should have known that the King does not get involved in the politics of any individual or any political party. The King has a supreme role and performs his function with national official institutions such as the Royal Government, the National Assembly and the Senate, in the interests of the country

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Voting is the basic right of every citizen to choose the country’s leader and their representatives. Mr Rainsy, who is trying to abuse and obstruct the right to vote, is an offender and not a democratic player.

We all know he is a serial loser who has lost the national elections four times. Mr Rainsy is a weak leader from an elitist background who does not speak the language of the common people, apart from hurling insults.

Mr Rainsy should speak the language of a healthy democracy and be a man of his word. After his stupid decision to resign from the late CNRP, he lost his representation and the stance of the political battlefield, only fighting with his shadow and illusion.

He subsequently carried out a series of anti-Cambodian activities, such as asking foreigners to cut foreign aid, begging foreign countries to close their markets to Cambodia, and preventing the Cambodian people from voting. All of his iniquities only lead to failures. At the end of the day, the final political choice for Sam Rainsy is to accept the failure of his political life.

Alexander Johnson, Volunteer, Union of Journalist Federations of Cambodia

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