Fostering the culture of giving

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The Mengly J. Quach Education (MJQE) has always believed that its institutions are interconnected with the community. MJQE’s successful endeavours all through these years are rooted not only just from the passion of the people within its premises, but also of the members of the society that surround it.

Dr. Mengly J. Quach, its Founder, Chairman and CEO, knows at heart the hardships of being victims of Cambodia’s brutal times and living with nothing much. Now that he has established several educational institutions under his belt, Dr. Mengly makes sure he constantly gives back to the Cambodian people whom he owe his identity from.

MJQE holds several activities and event aimed to help poor communities in rural Cambodia and share happiness to people who are burdened by poverty. In addition, Dr. Mengly makes sure he brings his students and school staff with him in upholding the culture of giving and sharing.

What are the specific corporate social responsibilities MJQE follows?

Dr. Mengly: All the institutions that are part of the MJQE have implemented several activities and initiatives to help our community. We have at least 12 programmes, which include mobile library, food bank, mobile clinic, public school buildings, and many others. All our students and staff are always involved in all these activities. As a result, our students have become used to helping others. Because they have been part of the process of giving, they are becoming kind, more caring, more compassionate, more understanding to the needs of the less fortunate.

How do you ensure that all these CSRs are being religiously followed and implemented by the students and school staff?

Dr. Mengly: We constantly expose everyone in our institutions to the community. We bring them to places and make them be part of this social immersion. What we’re truly happy about is the fact that our students are now initiating their own activities and events to help certain groups of people or communities. We don’t have to worry anymore about pushing them to help, because they’re so into it already. They started doing their own fund-raising, talent shows and other activities where they can bring happiness and aid to others. They go to places and stage shows for the kids in the provinces, in orphanages. We’re doing so much social work.

Do you hold outreach programmes to certain communities – feeding, clean-up drives and donations?

Dr. Mengly: We have activities that benefit the community almost every month. We even do food banking twice a month. We also have mobile library every month. Our mobile clinic is operated once every year. For our food banking, we collect canned goods, non-perishable foods from those who want to donate. We gather them all and re-pack the goods before distributing them to poor communities. It’s a bit hard to do this because not everyone is open to the idea of food bank. If we give out packs of food to people, the mobile library and mobile clinic go along. So wherever and whenever we hold food distribution and feeding, people can also avail of the services of a free library and free medical check-ups.

CSR is considerably a business strategy as well as a profit-driven move. How does MJQE make sure that more than anything else, serving the society is at the top of its priorities?

Dr. Mengly: I feel proud that we have instilled this concept of giving and caring to our students. It has now become a culture. This is actually a tradition I learned from my own family. My grandmother used to prepare lots of food, which anyone could get and eat. Everyone who walked by our house, my grandma always invited them to get food. We don’t usually see that anymore. But I personally want to continue this tradition of sharing what I have and what I can offer to people who are in need. It’s not anymore about what you can gain or lose. It’s about the happiness and satisfaction you feel when you’re helping out. Sometimes, when I want to reach out, I feel that there is so much to do and so many people that need help. So, I want to make MJQE’s outreach programmes and CSRs bigger and wider so we can help many more people. We want our food bank to expand. With the help of bigger establishments, we can feed a lot more. I also dream of building a home for the elders because I think they’ve been left out. They are ones who suffered a lot during the Khmer Rouge regime, so I want to be able to bring them in a place where there’s a nursing home, a temple where they can make their own community. I believe that if somebody initiates the move, many people will uphold this concept of giving.

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