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AMRU Rice Co., Ltd. continues to grow continuously and exponentially. The company doubles the amount of organic rice it produces yearly and sustained until 2020. AMRU remains Cambodia’s top rice exporter and maintained #2 of accumulated export volume of 232,244 metric tons milled rice from 2013 to 2017 which is equivalent to 9.3% of total accumulated- export figure. For the first 4 months of 2018, AMRU has exported more than 14,000 metric tons and still sitting on the top spot; and we are expecting to export at least 65,000 metric tons for 2018. More importantly, AMRU is the largest organic and SRP rice producer, millers and exporter and continue to strengthen our position by working with farmers, agricultural cooperative, NGOs, development partners, relevant government authorities and ministries as well as importer, buyer and end consumer.

AMRU’s partnership for certified organic rice works with 27 agricultural cooperatives in Preah Vihear to benefit 5,000 farmers through assisted quality production up to EcoCert organic standards through farming contracts that assure them of sure market and a premium price 30 percent or more higher than prevalent commercial paddy prices.

AMRU partnered with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) that promotes sustainable, traceable and climate-smart food production. This innovative practice helps increase farmers’ incomes, reduce harmful environmental impacts from through less chemical fertilizers and pesticides reduce seed and water needs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Four Agricultural Cooperatives with 2,500 of farmers are engaged to produce around 30,000 tons of rice that are compliant to SRP rice standards.

For traceability of products across the value chain, from producer to end-market, AmruRice is currently partnering to the BlocRice project along with SanoRice and Oxfam-Cambodia to move organic food and agriculture to the forefront of transparency and integrity. It has also engaged farmers who were beneficiaries of the Social Land Concession as suppliers of organic products, in partnership with GIZ (Germany).

To ramp up efficiency of its processes and to meet consumer demand, AmruRice is investing $8 million until 2019 to improve mass storage for agricultural products as well as drying, milling and processing facilities near the farms funded by Rural Development Bank and responsAbility. In partnering with SNV, AmruRice won the Initiative Against Poverty (IAP) to set up the first community drying and warehousing system under framework of the Public Private Producers Partnership invested around USD 600,000 by AmruRice and 27 Agriculture Cooperatives. The company is also entering in the baby-food products market in Europe, USA, and the Asia, besides its current certification for BCSI, ISO22000:2005, GMP/HACCP, and ESR/IMO, issued by Intertek, SGS, TUV, and Fair Trade and its organic rice certification by EcoCert SA, France. The company is working tirelessly toward higher food safety certification such as BRC, FSSC 22,000 and others.

AMRU’s chief executive, Song Saran, says “I am really proud of how we put small farmers and our consumers at the center of everything we do. Our ambitious strategy is focused on driving transparency, efficient management and innovation across every product we sell. Our farmer suppliers and consumer trust us to help them discover better food choices for them and their families”.

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