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80,000 Cambodian workers are working illegally in Thailand

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Labour Minister Ith Samheng meeting with Panyarak Poolthup, Thai ambassador to Cambodian. Pic Mai Vireak

About 80,000 Cambodian migrant workers are working illegally in Thailand and have not yet received legal documents while the campaign to provide them legal paperworks will end in the next 5 weeks, an official said.

Labour Minister Ith Samheng said on Tuesday that so far 320,000 Cambodian migrant workers have already been registered to become legal workers and 80,000 workers have not yet obtained legal documents.

Mr Samheng said after meeting with Panyarak Poolthup, Thai ambassador to Cambodian, on Tuesday that in the mid 2017, Thailand found that about 400,000 Cambodian migrant workers were working in Thailand, prompting the Cambodian government to conduct a campaign to providing them proper documents.

“Our campaign is successful. Only 80,000 workers have not yet been registered, but we will complete it in the next 5 weeks,” he said, adding that there are 5 more weeks when the campaign ended.

Mr Samheng said that more than 300 Cambodian officials were working with migrant workers at more than 200 factories in Thailand to issue them with passports and other legal documents.

The campaign was launched after the Thai government began a crackdown on illegal workers that led to a mass labor exodus last year.

According to a Ministry of Labour report, there are more than one million Cambodian workers in Thailand, including 700,000 legal workers and more than 300,000 illegal labourers.

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