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Health officials warn of weight-loss drug

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times Share:
A few ads promoting the products. MOH

The Health Ministry has urged people who use online products to avoid the illegal weight loss medicine Leense, which can affect the consumers’ health, particularly their hearts.

The ministry said on Sunday that daily checks on Facebook showed that there was a Leense Cambodia Original account advertising the medicine.

Leense was imported from Thailand. It was not registered, and the company had no permission from the ministry to operate legally in Cambodia.

The ministry advised the Facebook account owner to immediately cease importing, advertising, selling and distributing the medicine. Otherwise, the ministry would take legal measures against the account owner in accordance with the Law on Drug Management.

The ministry also called on people who were interested in using weight loss medicines, especially Leense, not to waste money and harm their health by purchasing the drug.

The ministry’s drugs, food, medical equipment and cosmetics department said on Facebook that many illegal weight loss products contained banned fast weight-loss substances, which might affect the heart and lead to the death of consumers.

However, Pha Brand Mix company owner Pha Socheat, 23, who imports Leense products in Cambodia, said the product did not harm the health of consumers.

He said this was confirmed by documentation from Thailand. He, his mother and some customers said there was no ill-impact while using the product.

“What the ministry said about its effects is wrong,” he said. “It is right that there is no registration at the Ministry of Health but my company has already registered with the Ministry of Commerce and paid patent tax.”

“Now I am preparing documents to register with the Ministry of Health,” he added.

The ministry has issued a series of announcements urging the public to be careful and avoid using illegal medicines, cosmetics, coffee and sexual improvement products that are sold online.

These include fake Chinese traditional medicine Tong Mai Dan, Tiabu Zhuan, Guwan (505), Coffee Chong Ol Mekh, Maka, Modern Love, Good Man, Titan Gel, Passion Tongkat Ali, Blue and other cosmetics.

This week, the ministry urged people to avoid using the Man King sex enhancement product because it was illegal, made false claims and could kill by causing heart attacks.

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