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How to ace Grade 12 exams

Srey Kumneth / Khmer Times No Comments Share:
Around 2,000 students gather to learn the techniques of passing the Grade 12 exams. KT/Srey Kumneth

Cam-Asean International School and Cam-Asean Student Union held the biggest workshop so far this year to young students who are bound to get the Grade12 examination in the next few months.

Around 2000 students gathered last week at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) to listen to professional, practical and essential guidance from teachers, exam top scorer and other individuals who are considered experts in Khmer Literature, Math, Chemistry and Physics. Students were also given tips by scholars on how to successfully avail local and international scholarship programmes.

Seang Sopagna, president of Cam-Asean Institute, said that the education system has been tightened and improved so Cambodian students are well-prepared for the future and competently represent the Kingdom in the corporate world outside its borders.

“The exam has become tighter and more challenging because this will determine the students’ future. This is a factor they will have to consider as they go forward in their academic journey. Will they be successful or not? Students can test their abilities and intelligence through this exam,” Mr Sopagna said.

Yann Aoudourm shares his experiences in applying for scholarships. KT/Srey Kumneth

Mr Sopagna emphasised that the future of the students solely depends on their own perseverance, diligence and hard work. They should always remember that their education is their key towards the fulfillment of their dreams and ambitions. With the right education, opportunities in landing a good job within or outside Cambodia will open up for them.

Chea Sotharith, workshop manager, said that since 2014, the education system has been strengthened to foster learning and encourage students to take their studies seriously. The workshop, she said, will hasten students focus on learning and will provide them effective ways to better understand their lessons and awaken their interest to learn more.

“We created this event to encourage brainstorming among students, to let them believe in their abilities and capabilities. Students need to learn how to commit themselves to studying as the high school exam is coming. Whatever they think needs improvement, this workshop will give them ways to improve it,” Mr Sotharith said.

Yann Aoudourm, director of Studies Abroad Center, also encouraged students to improve their English speaking and writing skills so they can apply for scholarship programmes abroad. These scholarships will not only give them academic advantages but will also enable them to develop their country.

“A second language is your priority to get scholarships, so if you think that you want to study abroad, you need to learn that language. If you want to study in Japan, you should learn how to speak their language or English so you can communicate with the locals,” said Mr Aoudourm.

Sun Singhuy, who ranked number 1 in Grade 12’s Khmer Literature exam in 2017, gave her own tips on how to get a high score. Students, Ms Singhuy said, should give focus in writing a good essay as it would determine their knowledge and expertise in literature. She added that exam takers should write clearly and make sure that their contents are relevant.

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