Exit exam: A huge factor in academic success

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Phen Dary gets a gift from Prime Minister Hun Sen. Supplied

Grade 12 exams aren’t easy. In fact, many students get their knees wobble upon hearing the exams. Who wouldn’t be? The nationwide exit exam determines if a student is qualified to take university programmes and fulfill his long-term goals.

For Phen Dary, a graduate of Bak Touk High School, her dream of getting a degree at a university was very much at stake when she took the exam. And her all efforts and time in studying extensively paid off when she got Grade A for the academic year 2016-2017. She now enjoys her time as a Computer Science student at Zama University.

“I got the scholarship for my high score in the exam. But scholarships aren’t only for Grade A students. As long as you are diligent and you give focus on your studies, universities will offer you scholarship programmes for your bachelor’s degree,” Ms Dary said.

“When I was in Grade 12, I was just a normal student. I wasn’t the strongest in the class, but I wasn’t the weakest either. But when the exit exam was already fast approaching, I started to panic. So, I studied really hard.”

Ms Dary added that she gave much focus on Math since it is where she thinks she’s weakest at. Her favourite, meanwhile, is Biology.

A week before the exam, she reviewed all the she has studied and tried to remember them all. But she started her preparations way before.

“Three months before the exam, students should already be scanning their books and notes. They should study the subjects they think they’d likely fail,” Ms Dary said.

She added that students should know how to encourage themselves while studying as moods and emotions can be key factors in retaining the lessons in the brain.

“When you’re in a good mood, you tend to memorize and remember things more. However, when you’re sad, the things you read will eventually just vanish.”

Ms Dary was also ranked seventh in Khmer Literature during the exam. But she said she was not good at writing before. It also took focus and determination for her to understand Khmer Literature.

“To all the students who will be taking the exam soon, I recommend that you don’t let nervousness overwhelm you. Review all your lessons, especially the hard ones. Don’t overthink about the scores or grades as it will only drain your energy. But try as hard as you can to answer the exams correctly,” Ms Dary said.​


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