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Condor: Nothing will stop him not even the deaths of millions

Rithy Odom / Khmer Times Share:

In yet another thriller series by renowned horror and thriller writer, Graham Masterton, “Condor” is a masterpiece on the story of an ambitious American senator who is all so willing to risk the lives of his entire nation to strengthen his bid in the coming race for the White House leadership. He secretly collaborates with the Nazis to give America a shake-up.

A German plane, carrying one of the most outrageously inhumane chemical substance developed by the Nazi during the World War II, crash-lands into Concorde, New Hampshire. The chemical substance is meant to infect US civilians and military. The Americans escape the unforeseen pandemic, but the ticking bomb has just begun to count.

On a specific day years after 1944 when the accident happened, Bernie, a local ten-year-old boy, accidentally uncovers the buried remains of the plane on his regular visit to the forest. Riding separately from his friend on a bike, he decides to stay longer to face his fear of walking into the dark woods. He suddenly steps upon a hardened object on the ground. He digs and digs until he finds a door to the unconnected and mysterious object hidden beneath his feet –the Nazi plane.

Upon his discovery, he has found veils of clear water and unleashes the most deadly lab room engineered virus that is strong enough to wipe out the life of every living human alive on the US. As a matter of fact, as the presidential race ensues, many have died before the cure was found. Bernie is dead and many more in Concorde.

Being born in Edinburgh in 1946, Graham Masterton began his career as a newspaper stringer and went on to sit on the editorial team of the new British men’s magazine Mayfair. By 24, he became executive editor of Penthouse and Penthouse Forum magazines. Amazingly, his interest in writing didn’t start off in horror and thriller, but sex series like How to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed, which became a major bestseller worldwide. But he soon found his way to the horror and thriller genre and became known for it, too. Masterton now lives a humble life in Surrey, England.

The book costs around five USD. You can request it at D’s Book or Amazon because this book is already quite ancient. But you may be lucky to find it on old bookstores and libraries, too. The book is definitely worth the read. Go find and read it over the weekend.

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