Students yell ’Murderer’ at Ortega

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Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega. Reuters

MANAGUA (Reuters) – Nicaraguan students taunted President Daniel Ortega with shouts of “murderer” as he spoke at an event aimed at negotiating a solution to weeks of deadly demonstrations that flared up again on Wednesday. The meeting was a rare opportunity for the protesters to directly address the former Marxist guerrilla, and anger boiled over as the president lamented the violence of recent weeks. At least 49 people were killed, mostly students, amid demonstrations that began over discontent with a new law that raised worker and employer social security contributions, while cutting benefits. “This is not a forum of dialogue; this is a forum to negotiate your exit,” one student told Ortega at the start of the event, organised by Nicaragua’s Roman Catholic bishops. Ortega talked through the insults. He said all deaths should be investigated and police were under orders not to open fire in the protests, which have turned into the worst crisis of his more than a decade back in power.

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