PM urges media to help educate families

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Mr Hun Sen wants to spread the value of families. Facebook

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday urged all media outlets to help disseminate information to parents about educating and giving good advice to their children.

In a message to mark International Day of Families, Mr Hun Sen asked the Social Affairs Ministry to cooperate with the Information Ministry and TV stations to organise a roundtable and produce an educational video about the value of families.

It should be broadcast in public areas, cinemas, on TV and in schools, he said. Mr Hun Sen then urged all families to continue taking care of and advising their offspring to be good children, students and citizens.

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Mr Hun Sen called on all media outlets, including private and state-owned ones, to publish broadly the role of parents in advising children and the obligations of children to their parents.

Chhour Sopannha, social welfare department director with the Ministry of Social Affairs, said media outlets in Cambodia had not broadly published articles related to families or family economics.

However, he added that some TV stations had broadcast video features on the promotion of family economics.

“Our media outlets seem not to be interested in this issue,” Mr Sopannha said, adding that the media played an important role in spreading knowledge about the value of families to the public.

He added that domestic violence had been decreasing because people had more knowledge and understood the value of families.

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Mr Sopannha said the ministry had provided vocational training and a budget for families to run small enterprises or businesses to improve their economic well-being.

The ministry also provided information about educating children on family issues at schools nationwide.

According to a Unite Cambodia to End Violence Against Woman post on its Facebook page last year, 30 percent of women still suffer from domestic violence.

Sek Sophal, spokesman for the Cambodian Centre for Independent Media, applauded the Prime Minister’s appeal.

“Media outlets should focus on issues which provide benefits to society,” he said, adding that publishing information about education would help to build human resources, especially among children who need proper care from their parents.

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Mr Sophal said Cambodian media did not have content about family issues on their agenda. Many readers and people in the industry focused on crime stories or entertainment more than educational news.

“Normally, there is not much support for news related to educating children and families,” he said.

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