China agrees on anti-human trafficking cooperation

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Cambodian and Chinese government officials conclude a meeting that inked an agreement to battle human trafficking. KT/Chor Sokunthea

An action plan to strengthen the prevention of human trafficking to China has been agreed upon between the Cambodian and Chinese governments.

The action plan was agreed upon during a three-day meeting between both governments on Thursday.

Chou Bun Eng, an Interior Ministry secretary of state and chair of the National Committee for Anti-Human Trafficking, said that the goal was to prevent and combat human trafficking.

Ms Bun Eng said that Cambodian women are the most affected and the most trafficked to China due to risky marriage proposals.

“Cambodian women are illegally trafficked to China,” she said. “So this meeting between Cambodia and China will find a plan to help them and prevent the trafficking of women.”

She said that the meeting was a joint review of anti-human trafficking cooperation between the two countries. She said Cambodia is committed to implementing agreements for fighting human trafficking.

Last year, both countries exchanged vital information on how to improve cooperation in cracking down on the trafficking of Cambodian women and help victims of trafficking. The meeting concluded that a number of women were cheated and forced to marry Chinese men.

San Chey, executive director of Affiliated Network for Social Accountability, said yesterday that cooperation between Cambodia and China shows that both countries are willing to protect the image of China and at the same time, protect Cambodian women from forced marriages in China.

“I want to see results rather than just speaking about it,” he said. “We have to find justice for the victims and their families by implementing a stronger action plan against the perpetrators.”

He said that the media plays an important role in reducing and ultimately eliminating human trafficking by disseminating the law to villagers so that they can make informed decisions.

“Sometimes, due to the greed of those people, they want to marry foreigners because they want to live overseas or want to be rich,” he said. “So, I think they have to find out full information before deciding.”

Last year, Cambodian embassies, consular services and relevant ministries have helped repatriate 986 people from Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China and Japan.

Among those repatriated last year, 288 came from Thailand, 171 from Vietnam, 49 from Laos, three from Myanmar, 382 from Malaysia, 23 from Indonesia, five from Singapore, 53 from China and 12 from Japan.

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