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Sharing the Dream: SCG expands scholarship programme for students

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“Sharing the Dream“ scholarship programme is one of the CSR projects of SCG. KT/Say Tola

About 850 high school students, who are undoubtedly the cream of the crop when it comes to academics and passion, have benefited from the “Sharing the Dream” programme that was founded in 2014. “Sharing the Dream” is one of the CSR (corporate social responsibility) projects of SCG, a leading business conglomerate in Asean.

SCG provides scholarships to Cambodian students and open educational opportunities for them.

Last May 8 at the Great Duke Hotel, SCG announced that it will continue the “Sharing the Dream” programme. SCG vowed to tirelessly support deserving students in their studies and in making their dreams come true. With a new theme, “Passion for Better”, the event was presided by the education minister, country director of SCG Cambodia, and Thailand ambassador to Cambodia. Teachers, students and programme alumni also graced the event.

Somwang Manpimonchai, country director of SCG in Cambodia, said that education is the most crucial key in the development of every country, this then urged SCG to initiate the educational scholarship programme and offered it to at least seven Asean countries.

“As the passion to provide benefit to Cambodia in terms of human development, SCG continues to provide scholarship for students who have good attitude, gratefulness and good academic performance. We wish the students whom we have helped to continue their passion in giving back to their communities,” said Mr Manpimonchai.

He added that the SCG will be awarding 250 scholarships for high school students this year. To show SCG’s full commitment to help improve the lives of its benefactors, the company will be granting 10 more scholarships to outstanding alumni to continue their education.

H.E. Panyarak Poolthub, Thailand’s ambassador to Cambodia remarked that human capital is the most important factor in pushing the economic potential in Cambodia. Education is the foundation for human resource development which cultivates about 70 percent of the new generation in the Cambodian population, making the country well-prepared for the competitive era.

“The embassy has always encouraged Thai businesses in Cambodia to get involved in local community developments which is part of their CSRs. SCG is well known for its outstanding governance and its ‘Sharing the Dream’ programme has become a positive model for all the Thai businesses in the Kingdom.”

Mr Poolthub added, “Regarding the sustainable development goals adapted by United Nations in 2015, one of the 17 goals is to ensure inclusive, equitable and quality of education. Therefore, the SCG programme is a concrete example to help develop Cambodia education and local community development.”

Mr Somwang Manpimonchai (left) country director of SCG-Cambodia hands a token to Education Minister Hang Chuon Naron as Thailand’s ambassador to Cambodia, Panyarak Poolthup, looks on.

He also mentioned that the programme bridges the gap between the private sector and the public. These endeavors also promote strong ties between Thailand and Cambodia.

Education Minister Hang Chuon Naron, who was also at the event, began his speech by thanking SCG for bringing brighter and better hopes for the 850 students the company has helped.

“SCG’s scholarship help reduce students’ expenses which motivates them to complete their studies. I would like to express my gratitude to this expansion. The programme was just initially in Kampot, then it expanded to Phnom Penh and now in Kandal province. And it is very fruitful that the programme expands to help students pursue university degrees, that would later improve the quality of their lives.

Mr Naron told all the participating youths as well as students in Cambodia to make big dreams and make them all possible. When their dreams come true, they become an essential contributor in the development of their homeland.

To give students clearer and first-hand accounts on how SCG has helped students, two programme alumni also spoke during the event. Sambonn Tharyka, who is now studying International Relations, shared that she has a dream to become a diplomat despite poverty.

“Diplomats have done intelligent and effective outputs in the country. It’s my dream to do it, too. I would like to thank SCG for offering me a scholarship and helping my family overcome all the challenges. I will do my best and hope that someday, I can give back to my country.”

Kahnn Samnang, meanwhile, said he’s studying Civil Engineering with construction as his major because he has seen that Cambodia needs good engineers to develop high and strong infrastructures. He is studying under the “Sharing the Dream” programme.

“I wholeheartedly thank SCG for helping me since high school. It is the big motivation to allow me get Grade A in the exam. I promise to study as hard as I can so as not to put this great opportunity into waste,” added Mr Samnang.

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