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Stop actors from consuming alcohol: ministry

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times Share:
Information Minister Khieu Kanharith speaks during a press conference. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The Information Ministry has ordered all radio and television stations to cease broadcasting music videos and movies featuring performers resorting to alcohol consumption to cope with their personal problems and to relieve depression.

Information Minister Khieu Kanharith said on Monday that the ministry has observed that some radio stations and television owners aired karaoke videos, music videos and films showing depressed actors, especially adults who had love affair problems and chose to consume alcohol as a way to deal with their breakups.

Mr Kanharith said that such performances posed a negative impact on Cambodian society, especially to youths because it could sway them to consume alcohol while facing personal problems.

“In a case that owners of radio, television or video production companies fail to comply with this notice, the Information Ministry will not permit such music or movies to be on air,” he said.

Yem Tasrong, a songwriter for Town Production, agreed with the ministry, saying that he stopped allowing actors and actresses to drink alcohol in performances two years ago.

“For this reason, what the ministry raised is appropriate. In fact, it actually affects the people if we produce sad stories with actors consuming alcohol,” Mr Tasrong said.

“But in general, we see that it is not only in our country, but also other countries consume alcohol when they feel sad or depressed. But they do not show it too often in songs or movies because entertainment is very influential,” he added.

The Ministry also asked all provincial governors to take action against transportation companies and vehicle owners using stickers with pictures or text on their vehicles that implied immoral meanings, affecting dignity, youth’s behaviour and social morality.

“In order to avoid a negative effect on Khmer traditional culture and tradition, the Information Ministry would like to ask for cooperation with municipal, provincial administrations and relevant institutions to take strict action against transportation companies and vehicle owners who commit these offences,” Mr Kanharith said.

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